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Farmers are an underrated bunch. While we're busily spending our days in PowerPoint presentations and double checking there isn't a word that rhymes with orange, they're out there feeding the entire world (which is an even tougher job than you'd think). That's why we want to do everything we can to understand the challenges they face and figure out ways we can help. We're working with our farmers to make sure our ingredients are grown in a way that’s good for them and good for the planet they’re grown on.

Right now, we're working on a whole load of projects that will reduce inequality, cut back carbon emissions, support biodiversity and help us reach our goal of sourcing 100% sustainably verified ingredients.

our journey to 100% sustainably sourced

Getting hold of delicious ingredients is easy. Getting hold of delicious ingredients that protect people's human rights, combat climate change and are verified as sustainably sourced is a bit trickier. Here's the journey we're on to make sure every single thing we squeeze or crush into a bottle is doing good for people and the planet.

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We kick things off by buying all of our bananas from Rainforest Alliance certified farms (which we still do today). That means 5% of our ingredients are now sustainably sourced.

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We start a project to support our mango farmers who are already experiencing the impact of climate change. Faced with droughts and erratic monsoons, we support a five-step programme that helps them make their mango trees more resilient to extreme weather.

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We start working with our strawberry farmers in Spain to see if we can reduce the amount of water needed to grow our strawberries. In 2015 alone, we save 1.7 billion litres of water and The Guardian decide to give us a Sustainable Business Award. Find out the full story here.

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After years of using our own sustainability standards, we team up with the SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) and over a hundred other brands to commit to meeting the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) standard. Find out more just below.

SAI FSA 2016


We launch our FITR programme. Not only does the acronym have a nice ring to it, it helps our scouting team find out if new ingredients can be sustainably sourced or not. Find out more about our FITR programme here.

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We start working with some of our Indian mango farmers to help them reach the SAI-FSA standard. It leads to a 48% increase in their yields and an 80% reduction in chemical costs. Result.

mango rosette 2019


A whopping 82% of our ingredients are now verified as sustainably sourced against the SAI-FSA standard. We pat ourselves on the backs, then get to work on the final 18%.

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We’re committed to sourcing all our ingredients sustainably, and we're very close to having 100% of them verified. Once we get there, we’ll work hard to make sure every new ingredient we bring into our supply chain meets the same standards.

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how we hit farming sustainability standards

We like to get up close and personal with our farmers. Nothing beats a good natter over a cup of tea, so we regularly meet up with them, independent auditors and people from global sustainability organisations to chat about how we can grow our ingredients in the most sustainable way. 

Since we developed our own sustainability standards back in 2007, the number of brands and retailers using standards, certification schemes and labelling schemes has grown to the point where the burden on some suppliers is too much. To sort this out, we teamed up with the SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) Platform and over a hundred other brands to commit to meeting the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) standard. We've developed three pathways with our suppliers, which help them to meet the FSA standard through implementation, equivalency with other formally approved standards such as Rainforest Alliance, or a sustainability-driven project. If you get as fired up about sustainability standards in agriculture as we do, you can read more about the initiative here.

investing in the future of farming

Hitting sustainability standards is just one piece of the sustainable farming puzzle. We're also investing in other areas to help reduce inequality, increase biodiversity and tackle the big issue of climate change.

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reducing inequality

We've teamed up with Emerging Leaders (a charity who specialise in unlocking human potential) to help support and empower farmers in more vulnerable communities. We've boosted the incomes of over 8,000 farmers in the last few years, and by 2030 we'll be investing in improving 20,000 farming livelihoods.

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championing biodiversity

Bees are great. And we’re not just talking about their knees. If it wasn’t for these little flying pollinators, growing the fruit that’s crushed into our drinks would be tricky. So we're investing in a few new projects that aim to support the world's pollinators by building bee hotels, creating wildlife corridors and reducing the use of pesticides. We'll be testing everything out across 1,000 hectares of land, then once we have a good idea of what's working and what's not, we'll roll it out on a bigger scale.

cutting carbon

Growing, squashing and transporting our ingredients is where 57% of our carbon footprint comes from. We're working on ways to cut carbon from our farms, and every other part of our business too.

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sourcing stories

Strawberries that save water in Spain. Apples that help build bee hotels. Coconuts that support small growers through a pandemic. Find out how we sustainably source our fruit and learn some exciting technical terms along the way.

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