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If we were to compile a list of the top 10 most ridiculous things we could think of, the concept of a gender pay gap would be pretty high up there. So we're on a mission to take the gender pay gap and make it so small that you can't even see it anymore.

The gender pay gap is the average difference between pay for men and women. UK organisations with over 250 people have had to report their number (shown as a percentage) for a couple of years now. The calculation doesn’t directly compare men and women doing the same job, but it does measure whether both are equally distributed across levels of seniority. 

Before we tackle the maths, we should mention that we’ve grown since last year. We now have over 800 people working across Europe and Asia, with over 350 of us at our Fruit Towers headquarters in London. We’re happy to see all the news faces, but the tea bag order is becoming quite unmanageable. 

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Our UK combined gender pay gap for everyone who works in the UK is 6.7%. We’re happy it’s gone down from 9.73% in 2021 and is a lot lower than the ONS reported 2021 national average. 

The bad news is we still have a pay gap. The good news is it’s on the way down. We’ve dug into the data to make sure we know what’s happening and what we need to do next.

Our pay gap exists because, although we employ over 60% of women in our UK based jobs, we have slightly more men at the top. So we’ve been working to get gender balance across innocent, especially at senior levels. We reduced the gap this year and increased the number of women in leadership roles by 6%. 23% of the women who work at innocent are in leadership roles compared to 26% of the men.

To help us keep bringing the pay gap down, we’ll continue to focus on creating progression and development plans for everyone at innocent. This year we offered our senior female leaders external, board level mentoring by joining the 2022 Accelerate mentoring programme, and our Fairness in Gender group continues to give people a safe space to talk about their career development. We’re also working on how we hire and promote people. We’ve redesigned our hiring training to work even harder to tackle unconscious bias and our conscious inclusion training continues to help managers bring out the best from the diversity in their team. 

And we’re not going to stop there. We’ll keep going until the pay gap is gone and everyone feels welcome, safe and able to achieve whatever they want from their career.

See you next year. 

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92.8% women

90.2% men

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