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Imagine how dull life would be if everyone was the same. Our differences are the things that make us special, and that's why we want to do everything we can to be an inclusive and diverse bunch here at innocent. A big part of that is creating an environment where we value and encourage different ideas and views. That way people can turn up and thrive, with each of us adding to our culture and not just fitting into it. Our team is always growing and as we get bigger, we're determined to be a business that represents people from loads of different backgrounds.

inclusion and diversity

what we've been doing

In 2018, a group of us kicked off a project to learn as much as we could about inclusion and diversity and what that means for us here at innocent. To do that, we got input from everyone in the business and from experts outside it, and used our findings to commit ourselves to three principles. Then in 2021, we turned them into our I&D 'plan on a page', a conscious effort to get I&D underpinning everything we do and everything we are.

inclusion and diversity

a great place to work where a diverse bunch of people can do their best work

a diverse bunch

get diverse people applying for and landing our jobs and develop talent inclusively

we promise to… attract a diverse bunch of people by putting our ads in the right places, letting all kinds of people know they’re welcome here, and shouting about the things we’re doing to be more inclusive.  

hire inclusively by using training, systems and data to help us spot bias and get rid of it.

do things in a clear, transparent, flexible and fair way 

what does success look like? The people who work in our offices reflect the communities around them.  

everyone doing their bit

encourage and value lots of different opinions 

be consciously inclusive by listening and leading with our purpose in mind.

be curious and educate ourselves with relevant content and training, to become confident we’re doing things without bias. 

level the playing field with the support of our affinity groups. 

what does success look like? More of us feel like we can turn up and fulfil our potential, whoever we are.

business as a force for good

commit to doing business in the right way, measure our impact and keep an eye on the outside world

identify and report gaps with the help of our I&D survey and assessments, and create tailored plans for each country based on the results. 

report annually on our progress with the help of bodies like Valuable500, Lead and B Corp, and stay connected to people and businesses who share our values and ambitions.

inspire wider change by talking about what’s working well, what needs improving, and sharing our experiences.

what does success look like? We practice what we preach – acting when we should, inspiring others and sharing what we’ve learned.

our gender pay gap

We know that women still aren’t on a totally level playing field. And we know that needs to change. Read about how we're tackling our gender pay gap, and doing what we can to close it even further. 


affinity groups

We’re really proud of our affinity groups. They’re made up of people with shared identities that are often underrepresented, and they provide a safe space for members to chat about their experiences, get some support, and generally spend time together. But they’re not just for doing fun social things with new people. They also play an important business role, with each of our groups encouraged to speak up when they notice blind spots in how we do things.

what we'll do next

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We've got off to a good start but this is just the beginning.

We know there’s some stuff we’re doing really well (like our conscious inclusion training), stuff that's happening in some offices but not others (like using specialised job boards to increase the diversity of the people applying) and some things we still need to put in place (like getting hold of diversity data at different stages of the recruitment process).                                         

The next step is to make sure we're doing all the great stuff we can across all our offices. To keep us on track, we've come up with an annual cycle that helps us plot our plans and then carry them out. Every year we'll send out an I&D survey and use the results to map out our plans for the year ahead, so we can allocate resources and start implementing them. That means we’ve got a structure in place to make sure we’re seeing everything we do through the lens of I&D, from events and comms to our values and behaviours. 

If you’re interested in keeping up with our I&D journey, check out our annual 'good all round' report. It’s full of updates on the things we’ve mentioned here, as well as a load of other good stuff we’ve been working on too.  


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