the blender

our all-electric, fully renewable little drinks factory

Factories. If we asked you to name a bunch of sustainable things, we doubt they'd make the list. There's a much higher chance you'd go for old favourites like wind turbines, grass, reusable coffee cups or jumpers knitted by your great uncle Derek. But we're on a mission to change that, which is why we’ve built the Blender - our very own all-electric, renewable energy factory over in Rotterdam.

The Blender plays an important part in reducing our carbon footprint as it means we can make the majority of our drinks under one roof. And since we’re big fans of sharing what we’ve learned, we hope we can inspire other businesses to make things in a more sustainable way too. 


a factory like no other

lowering our carbon emissions

Here at innocent, we want to leave things better than we found them. That applies to everything from the draining board in the kitchen, to the farms where we source our ingredients and the planet that grows them. In practice, that means we’re committed to reducing our CO2 emissions wherever we can – in our supply chain, in our offices, in our factory and in our little bottles.

the blender co2 icon

moving our ingredients from A to B

By choosing the Port of Rotterdam as the home of the Blender, we’re reducing the road miles travelled by the trucks that transport our ingredients. And since it’s not just about reducing miles but also about how those miles are travelled, ingredients like our orange juice that still need to go by road are moved in our zero emissions e-trucks.  

the blender lightbulb

every drop of water counts

Saving water is a top priority when it comes to fighting climate change, so we’ve fitted a snazzy cleaning system that uses air instead.  It sends mini tornados of air down the pipes so less water is needed.  

the blender clouds

a great place for our people to work

wellbeing in the factory

We want the Blender to help shape a world where wellbeing’s a top priority for factory workers. The Blender has everything a workplace needs to make that happen - lots of space and daylight, tasty food in the canteen, nice temperatures, quiet areas and a meeting room covered in bananas. Just like our offices, we want the people who work at the Blender to feel at home there, and part of a community where they can be themselves and have fun.

the blender leaves

being good neighbours

Beyond the well-insulated walls of our Blender, we'll make sure we're being good neighbours and helping to support the local community. We look to hire local workers, invest in local suppliers, volunteer for local causes, offer opportunities to people finding it hard to enter the world of work, and team up with schools so students can learn about factories like ours.

the blender globe

better business

Building the Blender has helped us become a better business, but we can also use it to show other organisations how they can become better too. We want it to be a shining example of a BREEAM certified factory that inspires others to push the boat out when it comes to their own factories. That’s why we are happy to share everything we have learnt with anyone that wants  to hear about it.  From the technology we use, to the sustainability work we’ve done, to all the mistakes we’re making- we are happy to chat with others so together we can all start to shape the future of manufacturing.  

the blender better business

setting the standards


BREEAM is a well-established method of assessing, rating and certifying how sustainable buildings are. Its main aim is to reduce the impact buildings have on the environment by looking at things like waste, water, energy, land use, health and well-being.