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We started putting little hats on our smoothies back in 2003, giving 25p to Age UK for every behatted bottle sold.

These woolly masterpieces are knitted and crocheted by thousands of legendary volunteers. They sent us a whopping 1.5 million little hats for last year’s Big Knit, bringing our total raised for Age UK over the years to just under £3 million. Jaw dropping stuff.

Hats will be back on bottles soon, and we’d love to raise more for Age UK than ever. Anyone can get involved, whether you’re a pro or a novice. Head here to find out how you can join in.

If you’ve ever made a hat, or bought a hat, thanks very much. You’re a total purl.

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The money raised helps Age UK to be there for older people who are most in need and could help fund things like lunches and social activities. You can read more about the brilliant stuff they do here.

As long as your hat fits nicely atop our smoothies, we don’t mind if it’s got bells, whistles and a sound system, or if it’s a vaguely cap shaped scrap. Every hat makes a massive difference to older people.   

The best way to test your hat fits is to nip to the shops and get yourself a smoothie (we would say that, wouldn’t we?) If you can’t do that, when laid out flat, your hat dimensions should measure about 5-7cm along the bottom and at least 3cm high.

You’ve been to the shop. You’ve bought a smoothie with a little hat. You’ve basked in the warm glow of helping Age UK. You’ve drunk your smoothie. You’ve tried wearing the little hat. You’ve realised it’s not quite the right size. Now what?

We’ve seen little hats used for all sorts of things, from desk ornaments to bunting, gear stick warmers to Christmas tree decorations. They’ve been modelled by all sorts of action figures, not to mention animals great and small, from gerbils and guinea pigs to lizards and African snails.

If you feel it’s time for you and your hat to part ways, we’d love you to send it back to us, so it can go on another smoothie next year and raise even more money for Age UK. Returning a hat is free and easy. Just pop it in an envelope, write Freepost BIG KNIT on it in big letters, and stick it in a post box. Your hat will find its way back to us and live another life next Big Knit. We’ll keep it safe until the next Big Knit.

Find out where to send your creations here