our owner

You might already know that innocent is owned by Coca Cola. We first started working with them in 2009, when they bought a 20% share in our business. Over the years, as we got to know them and they got to know us, Coke bought more shares, until 2013, when they took full ownership.

We have an interesting way of working with them, in that we run this business in the same way that we always have done, independently. We receive great support from Coke, and are proud to be a part of their company, but we are also very proud of this brand and business that we built from the ground up. And Coke are smart enough to know that innocent has a unique set of values and a really clear purpose that are fundamental to our future success.

So they let us get on with it.

We are as committed as ever to our social, ethical, charitable and environmental goals. And since we did the deal with Coke we’ve expanded from being a simple smoothie company to being one that concocts every kind of healthy drink imaginable.

When you visit us, or maybe even one day come to work at innocent, you’ll feel the unique spirit and energy that comes from our brand. And you’ll also be part of a company that has the support of Coca Cola and all of the opportunity that that entails.

We have great ambitions: to show the world that you can build a successful business that cares about more than just profit. Getting it right on tax is all part of that responsibility to do business in the right way. We’re lucky that the team at Coca Cola is quite knowledgeable about tax, so if you would like to know more, please have a read of our tax policy here. And we’ll get back to making those drinks.