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what we're about

innocent started with our three founders and a simple mission: to help make it easy for people to do themselves some good. 21 years on, there are over 800 of us around the world and that mission has grown into something much bigger.

We have great ambitions. We want to show the world that you can build a successful business that cares about more than just profit. That means looking after people and the planet as much as we look after our bottom line, and leaving things better than we find them. We’re proud to call ourselves Europe’s favourite little healthy drinks company, but we’re still growing. And that means we need more brilliant people who share our ambition to join the next (and most exciting) stage of our journey.

what we're looking for

Being good at drinking smoothies and playing table tennis will only get you so far. Here are some of the other things we're looking for.


what you'll get

Top notch training, paid volunteering days, flexible working and more free drinks than you'll know what to do with.


top tips

Gearing up for an interview at innocent? We asked the people who do all the hiring round here to tell us their top tips. Tip-top.



innocent is only as good as the people who work here. Take a look through our vacancies then start sprucing up that CV. We're rooting for you.

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our values

Some businesses write their values in a booklet then hide it in a draw somewhere. Here at innocent, we hang them above every loo in the building and live by them every day. If you can't make it to the toilet on the third floor, have a read here.

innocent values slogan

building your career

We love a bit of internal progression, and have a bunch of people who can prove it (like our CEO). Read about our apprenticeships, work placements and a few of the things our clever alumni have gone on to do.

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inclusion & diversity

No one should miss out on opportunities because of their age, gender, race, belief, sexuality, disability, mental health or any other characteristic that makes them unique. That's why we're doing everything we can to make sure innocent is a truly inclusive and diverse place to work. 


things our people have said

Leah Knight

Application Support Analyst

"When looking for a job I remember googling 'fun companies London' and that's when I applied for innocent. I was so excited when I started as a Project Analyst and quickly wanted to progress my career by ramping up my technical skills and joining the IT team. I didn't have any prior experience in the IT world but I spent some time shadowing members of the Application Support team, and outside of work I joined some MeetUp groups to learn how to code. Shortly after, an opportunity came up in the Application Support team and I was lucky enough to be offered the role."

Leah Knight

Tariq Khan-Fontain

Product Manager

"innocent has always been a place of opportunity for me. I came from a different industry with no experience in FMCG, but I was hired and 3 years later I've just started in my third role. The opportunities afforded go way beyond just a job title - as a dad you rarely get the opportunity to spend more than a couple of weeks with your newborns, but at innocent they offer mums and dads the same access to parental leave, which meant I got to spend 6 months with my wife and our first child. It's precious time that meant so much to my family."

Tariq Khan-Fontain

Aisling Byrne

Key Account Executive

"I was initially attracted to innocent because of its unique culture, and the company's values really resonated with me. I've found when working here, they really care about your career. There are regular check-ins where you can be honest about where you want your career to go, and they try their best to help you get there. My manager listened to me and arranged for me to get experience in the areas I wanted, to help develop my career. Alongside this, there's plenty of training which is open to everyone in the company."

Aisling Bryne

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Whilst new data protection rules make the world a better, less spammy place, they do have rules saying we can't keep CVs in our mailbox anymore. Sorry about that. If there’s no sign of your dream job, despair not, a great new one shall appear soon.

Sometimes. We advertise all our internships and work placements on our vacancies page, so keep your eyes peeled.

We normally put the deadline at the bottom of the job ad. We might not put one if we want a bit more time to find the right person, but if you see something you like it's best to get your skates on and apply. If the role you're interested in is no longer listed, it probably means it's gone. Sorry. Keep an eye out for the next time we post that dream job.

We know you might like some more info before applying, but unfortunately there aren’t enough of us to get back to everyone before the first interview stage. We try and answer all your questions on our careers site. Your best bet is to apply directly through the careers portal. If we think you might have what it takes, we’ll be in touch to arrange an interview and you’ll have plenty of question time then. 

Yep. We’re always happy to have a chat with you about what your needs might be. A first-round interview is a good time to do this. We’ll mention on the advert if a role has a part time option.

We treat every application as an individual application. If there’s another role that takes your fancy, please go ahead and apply.

We often advertise our roles on third party websites, as well as this one. If we fill a job, we’ll take it off our website, but sometimes it can be a bit slower coming off other sites. If we’ve taken the job off our site, the link won’t work. Sorry about that.

As soon as you apply you should get a confirmation email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, but it can take up to 4 weeks. We know the waiting is the hardest part but making sure we get the right person for the job is something we don’t like to rush. Everyone who applies gets an answer from us either way. Keep an eye on your junk mail too – sometimes our emails sneak in there.

Every role is different, so it's tricky for us to give specific timelines. Following your interview, we will get back to you as soon as we have an idea of next steps. If you haven’t heard back within 2 weeks of your interview, please get in touch with the person who organised it. We do our best to make sure we give feedback to everyone we interview.

We get a huge number of applications, so we’re afraid we can’t give individual feedback to everyone before the first interview stage. Sorry about that.

If you have an urgent question for us, fire it over to


Or maybe one at a normal temperature? We've answered a few of the most common questions here.