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whose fault was this ?

We're not ones to point fingers, but it was probably ours. After all, we have a strong track record of making mistakes. So before you go on your way, here are a few of those howlers our legal team would actually let us talk about.

a very important message

conker milk

We thought it would be funny to make a fake dairy free drink out of conkers to promote our dairy free range. No one else found it funny, so we spent the next few weeks apologising to the internet and telling everyone not to eat conkers.

Do not eat or milk conkers

is a blend is a blend

Proofreading our labels is a bit of a faff. Sometimes it's better to give it a miss and let our drinkers point out the typos on Twitter. There's a good idea a good idea.

is a blend image

Portugal: 1 Kevin: 0

red Kevin

Kevin once got a very short back and sides from his local barber, then went to Portugal without any sun cream. Oh, were his cheeks red. Actually, his whole head was.

Do not eat or milk conkers