we're innocent

Since we started doing business back in 1999, we've been committed to doing it in the right way - standing up for what matters and leaving things better than we find them. We've been a proud B Corp since 2018, meaning we're officially using business as a force for good. And we put people and the planet at the heart of everything we do, like giving 10% of our profits to good causes and building our sustainable drinks factory, the Blender.

we made an ad for the telly

our little bottles

All our bottles are recyclable, and we work hard to make sure they're easy to recycle too. We'll raise a smoothie to that.


say hello to our sustainable factory

We're building one of the world's most sustainable healthy drinks factory over in Rotterdam. It's got solar panels and everything.


we're a proud B Corp

Being a B Corp means we're part of a growing group of companies who believe in doing business the right way.


any good at knitting

You knit a little hat, we'll pop it on a bottle and together, we can help out a lonely older person. Win-win-win.


helping our fellow humans

Some things we're doing to give back and help make our society more equal.


give us a follow

We write a lot of nonsense on social media. Some of it's even about our drinks. Give us a follow and there’s a 32% chance you won’t regret it.

lightbulb moment?

A good idea can come from anywhere. If you have a suggestion that you reckon we'd be interested in, send it our way and we'll start mulling it over. No need for blue drink ideas though – we've already nailed that one.