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make a biosphere

A biosphere is a tiny, balanced ecosystem. It’s full of living things that help each other stay alive by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, or absorbing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide – just like humans and plants. Here’s how to make your own.  

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you'll need:

a jar (on its side or standing up) 

soil or dirt 

small rocks 



standing water from outside

Step 1

Scatter the small rocks on the bottom of your jar or bottle, then fill it halfway with soil.  

Step 2

Make a flat layer of moss over the top of the soil and rocks. 

Put your plants on top of the moss. The roots don’t need to be buried – they’ll find their own way in.  


Step 3

Pour some water (rainwater is best) over the top of the whole lot, just enough to get it all a bit wet. The murkier the water the better, as it’ll be nice and full of bacteria, bug eggs, larva and other things that could become the residents of your biosphere.  



Step 4

Seal the jar or bottle tightly. If you’ve lost the lid, some cling film and a tight rubber band will do the trick.   

Place in a sunny spot like a windowsill, wait patiently and watch as it gradually comes to life. 


outside our drinks

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