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stuff to do this winter

go tree-spotting

You might have been bird spotting, but have you ever been tree spotting? If not, here’s how.


step 1

First, pick a nice clear, dry day and head out to your nearest park or forest.

InnocentDrinks, forest

step 2

With your notepad in hand, take a look at all the trees around you and try and work out which ones they are.

InnocentDrinks, person writing in a notepad

step 3

Look at their trunks, their bark, their leaves or their fruits. Sketch some of them and try to tick off the following trees on your travels:
a. Alder
b. Beech
c. English oak
d. Hazel
e. Hawthorn
f. Holly
g. Silver Birch
h. Small-leaved lime
i. White Willow



English Oak




Silver Birch

Small-leaved lime

White Willow

step 4

Try and work out which is more fun, bird-spotting or tree-spotting.

outside our drinks

stuff to do this winter

We had a load of snow-based activities written here, but you’ve got as much chance of snow in winter as sun in summer, so enjoy our non-snow-based activities below.