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stuff to do this winter

go pebble painting

It’s hard to find a fault with pebbles but if we’re being really picky, we’d say they can be a tad grey. Happily, there’s an easy fix for that and if you follow the steps below you’ll be able to turn a bit of stone into a piece of art. There’s a joke we could add here about making pebbles rock but it’s probably best we let you get on with it.

InnocentDrinks, ladybug painted pebbles

you’ll need:
a hard brush
acrylic paint*
paint brushes
a mug of water

*you can also use paint pens

step 1

Head outside and hunt for some pebbles. You’ll find loads of good ones at the beach and on riverbanks (just watch out for the water).

InnocentDrinks, pebbles

step 2

Soak your pebbles and scrub them with a hard brush. Set them to one side to dry.

InnocentDrinks, pebble painting

step 3

Lay out the newspaper on a flat surface then paint your pebbles white. This will help your colours pop.

InnocentDrinks, painted pebbles

step 4

It’s time to get creative. Before you start, think about the shape of the stone. Got a rectangular pebble? Could make a nice car or a mobile phone.

InnocentDrinks, ladybug painted pebbles

step 5

Set your masterpiece(s) to one side to dry. Don’t forget to wash your brushes when you’re done.

step 6

Decorate your home with your creations or hide them where you live, for others to find.

outside our drinks

stuff to do this winter

We had a load of snow-based activities written here, but you’ve got as much chance of snow in winter as sun in summer, so enjoy our non-snow-based activities below.