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do some potato printing

You probably already know that potatoes can be used to make some pretty tasty meals but they can also be used to make some colourful collages too. Just follow the steps below to find out how to make stamps from spuds. Not the kind of stamps you put on an envelope. If we knew how to do that, it’s unlikely we’d tell you.


you’ll need:

some potatoes

a pen

a small knife

cookie cutters (optional)

kitchen roll

some paints

some paper

Action Step Title

Cut a potato in half. 


Action Step Title

Draw a shape on the flat side of the potato then carve around it to make your stamp. Adults should help here. 


Action Step Title

Not very crafty? Push a cookie cutter into the potato, cut around that, then slip the mould off. Still have an adult on hand though. 


Action Step Title

Dab the stamp with some kitchen roll before giving it a lick of paint. 


Action Step Title

Press the painted side onto the page then lift it off. Be careful not to move it around once you’ve put it down as it might look like a smudge. 

Action Step Title

Repeat until you’ve made a multicoloured masterpiece then sell it to a fancy gallery (or just keep it and put it on the wall). 

outside our drinks

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