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carve a scary pumpkin

Make sure it's a Halloween to remember by gathering a gang of terrifying pumpkins to guard your house. We take no responsibility for any complaints from your neighbours that they’re too scary. 


Step 1

Make sure you find the perfect pumpkin for carving first. Look for one that is quite smooth (you don’t want a bubbly, knobbly one), not too heavy (this means it could be quite thick to cut through) and without soft bits or knicks and cuts (these could mean your pumpkin might rot). 


Step 2

Once you’re happy with your big orange lump, cut (this one’s a job for an adult) a deep circle about 5cm from the stalk on each side. Wiggle it around a bit until you can pull out a ‘plug’ with the stalk on the end.


Step 3

Use a spoon to scoop out the gooey insides of the pumpkin so that you get a nice hollow pumpkin (leave the sides about 2/3cm thick)


Step 4

Practice some scary (or not scary, up to you) face designs on a piece of paper.  


Step 5

Copy your favourite design onto the pumpkin with a black marker pen. 

Step 6

Get some adult hands to do the work, and cut around your design using a knife, making sure you go all the way through to the inside. 

Step 7

Once your design is done, pop a candle inside using the hole in the top, and stick your stalk plug back in.

Step 6

Put your monstrous creation in the window or on the porch, and scare away any goblins that might be lurking about. 

Top tip: use the leftover insides to make a pumpkin soup.

outside our drinks

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