Welcome to the innocent webnews // 16th September 2016 // issue #189
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fresher up
Teenage immune systems were tested to the limit this week as the next batch of first years were dropped off by distraught/elated parents at Uni’s and colleges across the country. Whether you’re off to Uni yourself, or are well past Uni age but still young enough to remember/hazily remember your first 168 hours, it’s worth reflecting on the highs and lows of that strange and neon-facepaint-filled time:
Fresher's week over time
Recycle week
the recycle of life
We want our packaging to have the lowest possible impact on the world around us. A big part of that includes using recycled or renewable materials where we can (such as a higher percentage of recycled plastic in our bottles) and making sure that our packaging itself is easy to recycle. It’s been national Recycle Week this week, so we thought it was worth mentioning that everything we make is fully recyclable. So, when you’re done with your bottle, please chuck it in the right bin. Then it can be reincarnated as a plant pot. Or a tub of butter. Or, if it’s really lucky, another bottle of juice.
Sow and Grow
sowing & growing
Earlier this year, we ran a project called Sow & Grow to get kids growing their own veg and learning more about where their food comes from. We sent seeds and growing kits to 100,000 kids in over 3,000 schools and, after some pretty competitive planting, crowned Horsenden Primary School our growing champions. They used to have a vegetable patch but ran out of money to keep it going. Now, thanks to winning Sow & Grow, they’ve got gardening tools, a shiny new wheelbarrow and loads of seeds to help them start it up again. They also sent us a brilliant pop-up card as a thank you. Multi talented, that lot.
smoothie storybook
drinker of the week
Martin’s son Oscar is a big fan of our kids smoothies. But not only does he love the crushed fruit inside the cartons, he also loves the fun stuff we put on the outsides too. That includes things like magic tricks, brain teasers and a handy guide to adopting a rock. In fact, he’s so into them that he started asking his dad to read the cartons out to him before bed. To make sure they were kept together, Martin made a storybook out of all the different versions and now reads it to Oscar every night. A proper happy ending.
Mr Ed
inside fruit towers
Back in the day (when we could fit the entire office into the back of one of our grassy vans) if you got a job here, but had the same name as someone who already worked here, you were given 15 minutes to come up with a nickname. When Ed joined innocent he was the second Ed in the building, so settled on the nickname Mr Ed. We’ve been calling him Mr Ed for the last 10 years but only found out this week that he named himself after a talking palomino horse from a 60’s TV show. Reckon that’s probably earned him a promotion to Sir Ed.
and finally
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