6th October 2017 // issue #215
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the most unbelievable time of the year
Send a Cow
double good
The innocent foundation has been working with Send A Cow since 2005 to help stop poverty and hunger across sub-Saharan Africa. We are chuffed that their latest campaign has secured support from UK Aid Match, which means that every pound they raise for their Mother & Child appeal from 1 October - 31 December will be doubled by the UK Government. The money raised will help struggling mothers in East Africa feed and provide for their children. If you fancy helping them out and doubling your donation, have a look here.
Big Knit
hat's amazing
GREAT NEWS ALERT: the Big Knit is back. Little woolly hats. On our smoothies. In shops everywhere. NOW. Each one raises money for Age UK so they can be there for older people. Loneliness can be a huge problem in later life, with as many as 200,000 older people saying they haven't spoken to friends or family in over a month. The little hats on our smoothies raise money so people like June can meet up for a bite to eat or a Zumba class. What better reason to pop to the shops?
drinker of the week
Alfie, a 13 year-old Westie (and pirate judging by his photo) was diagnosed with a kidney disease a few years ago. Because of his condition, he needs to stay well hydrated but sometimes turns his nose up at plain water. His owner, Emma, wasn't sure how to help until one day Alfie tasted a splash of spilled innocent coconut water on the kitchen floor. The rest was hydration history. Emma now buys Alfie his very own cartons of coconut water to keep his fluid intake topped up after a long hard day of being a good boy. A very good boy.
Dog days
inside Fruit Towers
Last Thursday we had our first ever Bring Your Dog To Work Day, and it was a good day. 12 dogs of varying sizes came into the office, including three miniature sausage dog puppies, a border terrier called Dave who has a better fashion sense than all of us put together, and Harper the Cavalier King Charles spaniel, who got a bit too excited and needed to take a time out. They came, they ran around our desks, they filled our hearts with joy and then they got tired and went home. Here's hoping we do it every year.
and finally
short trip rice patterns Mars on Earth
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