Welcome to the innocent webnews // 24th June 2016 // issue #182
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I love you more than tea
how to deliver a compliment
We like you. In fact, we think you're an excellent human, who is successfully surviving on this watery orb suspended in the solar system with hardly any trouble at all. Which is a miracle, really. You're a miracle. And you've got great hair, you make a fine cup of tea and you probably look great in dungarees. As we've just proven, dishing out compliments is easy. That's why we've made our very own compliment generator, filled with personalised compliments for you to share with your loved ones or send to your boss for a guaranteed salary increase of at least 0.03%. Go on, make someone's day.
strawberry and banana
a massive deal
Over the past few months, it's been impossible to avoid the hysteria surrounding the biggest day of the year. As you know, it was National Smoothie Day on Tuesday and it was everything we hoped it would be. There were fireworks, Sir Paul McCartney performed at the opening ceremony, and the Queen said a few words about her favourite fruit-based recipes. We're quite old fashioned so we celebrated in the traditional way of jumping up and down shouting "SMOOTHIES" while a man in a banana suit ran around in circles juggling pomegranates and squirting apple juice out of a watering can. Until next year.
un-plugged the film
back to the woods
The time: three weeks ago. The place: a forest clearing in Kent. The sun was out, the smoothies were cold and Mr Motivator was lycra-clad. If you don't know what we're on about, we're just casting our minds back to innocent un-plugged, the festival we held to encourage people to turn off their technology and party in the woods. We've put together a video of the weekend so you can see what it was all about (and pop it in your calendars for next year). A massive thank you to everyone who came along – we had a ball and hope you did too.
Rosanna and friends
drinkers of the week
From what we can remember, the last day of school was a pretty good day. Instead of copying out of textbooks, it was filled with board games and maybe even some colouring in if you'd bought the teacher a box of Maltesers. Rosanna and her friends decided to use their end of term more wisely and spend their last three days building intricate replicas of our kids smoothie cartons to wear as costumes. Give those girls a prize. Or an A-level. Whichever they'd prefer.
innocent band
inside fruit towers
We have a few clubs at innocent – cheese club, yoga club, hug club, and the innocent band, which doesn't have the word 'club' at the end of it, but it doesn't make it any less official. The band played a brilliant and very professional sounding set for all of us last Friday night, so we just wanted to say a massive well done to Tammy, Charlie, Katie L, Jenn T, Christine, Kim, Jasper, Ian, Shane, David, Matt B and Steve for the three months of practise leading up to the gig, and the real thing itself. Top work, all.
and finally
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