Welcome to a Big Knit special webnews // 19th February 2016
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you’ve done it again
Every September we ask you lot to get knitting for the Big Knit. And every year we wonder if this is the year no-one will fancy making little hats for smoothie bottles and we might have to do something a bit less silly for charity instead. But your response absolutely blows us away every single time, and this year has been no exception. Thanks to you we've been able to put more than 800,000 hats on our smoothie bottles and, since we started the Big Knit 12 years ago, we've raised over £1.7m for Age UK. Here's a little thank you from some of the members at Age UK Ealing, whose lives you've changed for the better.
emoji hats
hats of the year
The time has come to decide who will be crowned Big Knit 'Hats of the Year'. In the blue corner we've got Sam's Mr Men – a set of hats based on a beloved children's book series. In the red corner we've got Rachel's Emojis – pictorial behemoths of the digital age, including word of the year 'Face with Tears of Joy'. Essentially it's your childhood vs your inner child. Who will reign supreme? The competition's still going strong so be sure to like your favourites on Facebook before voting closes. The future of nothing depends on it.
Sinister Panda
he'll be back
One of our Big Knit hats went rogue this year. He had a vendetta against our David and there was no stemming his tirade of fury. Wherever David went, he lurked. But what will become of the sinister panda hat now? He's out there in the world somewhere, free to spread his own brand of sinister panda-monium wherever he pleases. What schemes might he be concocting for the unsuspecting victim who picks up the smoothie upon which he perches? Only time will tell. But if you spot him in the shops don't make eye contact. That was our David's first mistake.
cats in hats
unwilling models of the week
Cats in Big Knit hats. Does life get any better than this? No, is the answer. No it doesn't. Here's a selection of this year's best and boldest:

1. ginger in cornflower blue
2. Siamese in stripes
3. smoky in one-eyebrowed bunny
4. not quite a cat but still good
gone holiday-ing
inside fruit towers
Hello, dear readers. This instalment of 'inside Fruit Towers' is brought to you from the recent past. We're on holiday this week, so we have absolutely no idea what's been happening in Ladbroke Grove. If we had to guess, we'd say it's probably raining, the toilets have probably broken again and Jez has probably messed something up with very serious consequences. But who knows? If we ever put down the cocktail we're probably drinking and get out of the hammock we're probably lying in as you read this, we'll bring you up to speed again next week.
and finally
space jump   hide & seek   best of Google Earth
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