Welcome to the innocent webnews // 19th August 2016 // issue #187
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this week we learned
There have been a few rounds of random fact one-upmanship going on in Fruit Towers this week, so we thought we'd share a few of the highlights. You can get arrested for poaching Venus fly traps. The floating squiggles you can see in your peripheral vision are actually white blood cells. Cheese made in the village of Stilton cannot legally be called Stilton. And our smoothies contain two portions of fruit in every 250ml serving. Actually we might have known that last one already. Our mistake. If you've got a great fact that blows ours out of the water send it to hello@innocentdrinks.co.uk. If it's really good, there might even be a free smoothie in it for you.
the whole kiwi, nothing but the kiwi
What's brown, hairy and tastes excellent in smoothies? Pork scratchings, sure, but also kiwis, which we use in drinks like these. We make a purée from the whole kiwi to blend into our recipes – everything from the seeds to the fuzzy outer coating. Nobody wants a fuzzy smoothie, so we carefully wash the fruit first and then sieve it until it's as tasty and hairless as a purée made from bald kiwis would be. Or shaved kiwis. But no one's got time to shave kiwis. Or a razor small enough.
Gobi the dog
running mate
Dion, a Scottish man with more stamina than your average human, recently undertook a gruelling 250km run across deserts and up mountains in very un-British temperatures. Dion wasn't feeling his best by the fourth desert, but his spirits were raised when a tiny stray terrier called Gobi started running alongside him for the final leg. They formed a bond, with Dion carrying Gobi across rivers and sharing his limited supply of food and water with her. Sadly, he had to leave his new running companion in China, but he's currently trying to raise enough money to bring her to the UK. Fingers crossed, Dion.
Barry's van
drinker of the week
We first met official innocent superfan, Barry, a few years back when he popped in for a tour of Fruit Towers and wrote a brilliant blog post all about his experience. To cement his true superfan status, he had the innocent logo tattooed onto his bicep, which we promptly photographed, framed and hung above the stairs (where it remains to this day). We've been in contact with Barry ever since, and last week he sent us a photo of an exact replica of our grassy van that he's made out of Lego. Spot on, Bazza. Absolutely spot on.
our Graeme
inside fruit towers
Graeme commutes in every day from St. Albans. His drive normally takes him 50 minutes, but he's always set himself the goal of one day getting to work in 35 minutes. Why 35 minutes? Nobody knows, but Graeme probably has his reasons. This Tuesday, things were looking promising when he'd already passed Watford after 11 minutes. "This could be it," Graeme thought to himself. "This could be the day." Things were going perfectly to plan, until he got stuck behind the 206 bus, and unfortunately he limped into work at 37 minutes. So agonisingly close. Never mind, Graeme. There's always tomorrow.
and finally
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