14th July 2017 // issue #209
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a few notes on the tennis
The Wimbledon tennis has been in full swing this week, and so far it's a game of two halves. Points have been awarded in a mathematical configuration that even Stephan Hawking has deemed �beyond him'. Players have used a series of grunts to establish their territories. The word �deuce' has been thrown about a lot, which doesn't actually mean anything but sounds a lot like �juice'. We make juice. Which is why we're talking about tennis, our favourite outdoor pastime which we definitely know loads about. Game, set, match, are we right?
Big Knit
we wool stop at nothing
At the start of this year we asked ewe lot to make us some tiny hats for the Big Knit to help keep older people warm and well in winter. We don't want to pull the wool over your eyes so we're going to tell it to you straight: we still need a few more hats to reach our target of 2 million. So, if you're after some sheep thrills over the next few weeks, please send your hats to this address by the 31st July or drop them off at your local Age UK store/centre. Will we make it to our target? Only time wool tell.
not over the rainbows
London pulled out all the stops for Pride last Saturday, so we thought it was only right to cover every spare bit of wall in Fruit Towers with rainbows and turn our super smoothies into giant stripy slushies. We know there's still a long way to go before everybody in the world has the right to marry whoever they fancy but, with last week's announcement that same sex marriage has been fully legalised in Germany, things are definitely moving in the right direction. 27 countries down, 169 to go.
Alice's smoothie clock
drinker of the week
Over the years a few people have told us that our smoothies help get them out of bed in the morning. We assumed this was down to the energising qualities of the natural ingredients we use in our recipes, but, after spotting Alice's smoothie carton alarm clock, we're starting to wonder if we should've taken it more literally. Whether we've got the wrong end of the stick or not, what we do know is that if anyone asks Alice �what time is it?' she can now legitimately answer �smoothie time'.
our Stu
inside Fruit Towers
We all like to do different things with our holidays. Some of us go to exotic islands and lie horizontally next to an inviting body of water. Some of us go somewhere scenic and walk up some fairly challenging hills. And Stu has decided to go to Sarajevo and then run and cycle all the way home. He's taking part in the Tribe Run For Love, which is aiming to raise �250,000 to fight human trafficking. So far Stu's run 210 miles from Sarajevo to Zagreb, and biked another 345 miles to Munich. Keep up the incredible work, Stu. We'll run you an ice bath when you get back.
and finally
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