30th June 2017 // issue #208
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How refreshing
A healthy drink in a can. How refreshing.
Here at innocent, we ask a lot of the people who work for us. We ask them to wash up their mugs at the end of the day. We ask them to put the new loo roll on the right way round and to try not to leave their laptop in the pub. And we ask them to have buckets of water thrown in their faces to demonstrate how refreshing our new innocent bubbles (a lightly sparkling blend of fruit juice and spring water) is. To prove to everyone involved that it was definitely worth shivering through the afternoon for, we'd be grateful if you went out and picked up a couple of cans. And then headed to our careers page and applied for a job. We're running low on volunteers.
You're welcome
a warm welcome
Whether it's a cup of tea with your new neighbours or going round your auntie's and spotting the fancy guest towels at the end of the bed, we all know it feels good to receive a warm welcome. To make sure people all over London are getting the welcome they deserve, Daianna Karaian has been dropping hundreds of place cards all over the city and encouraging other people to do the same. The cards can be left anywhere and addressed to anyone, so you never know who might pick one up and feel right at home. If you fancy joining in, you can print a few here.
Sow and Grow
good to grow
Since the start of the year we've dished out seed packets and growing cups to over six thousand schools to encourage kids to grow their own veg. There was a wheelbarrow of gardening goodies available for the most green-fingered bunch and, after weeding out the competition, we're chuffed to announce that Ms Quarless' Year 2 class from Forest Glade Primary School in Mansfield are the top of the crops and have been crowned our Sow & Grow champions. This class really imcressed us with their gardening prowess, and we loved looking at all the photos they posted on our Growing Wall. Tiny Alan Titchmarshes, the lot of you.
drinker of the week
Budding smoothie chef Aidan wrote to us a couple of weeks back with his bright idea for a new smoothie recipe. Aidan calls his creation EPIC EXPLOSION. What makes EPIC EXPLOSION so epic, you ask? In Aidan's words it 'explodes with a wide range of tropical fruits and flavours every time you take a gulp'. The recipe calls for spinach, blueberries, grapes, passionfruit, grapefruit, blood orange, carrot and banana and you simply blend them together CALMLY and GENTLY for the perfect smoothie every time. But make sure you keep the blades away from 'kids who are excitable'. Aidan's advice, not ours. And we have a feeling he would know.
softest hair ever
inside Fruit Towers
There's a man who works here who has the softest hair in the world. When you touch it, it feels like a combination of a really fluffy cloud and a really soft chinchilla. We'd love to tell you who this follicly blessed gentleman is, but he doesn't want his identity to be revealed in case he makes his colleagues feel inadequate about their normal, comparatively coarse, hair. So we promised to keep his secret. But if you come and visit Fruit Towers, just pat every man that you meet on the head. When you feel it, you'll know.
and finally
more voles potted holes great roles
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