Welcome to the innocent webnews // 10th June 2016 // issue #180
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come on you football players
Dribbling. Corners. Sir Teddy Sheringham. Scrimmage in the box. Ah, football. Footie. The beautiful game. We live and breathe football here at innocent and…what are you doing ref, that player was clearly within the limits of the area designated to him based on his position. Sorry about that, we've got the football on, as usual. The Euros are starting this week which means we've seen a few brands jumping on the football bandwagon and, to be honest, it's embarrassing. You're either football or you're not. We are. We always have been. Here's a video from our very own Head of Football to prove it. Someone give that man a card*.

*a thank you card for all his hard work on this project.
smoothie FOOTBALL
liquid football
Two, four, six, eight, who do we appreciate? Football players. Especially professional ones who will be playing in the Euro games that we can't wait to enjoy for at least ninety minutes a day for the next three weekends. As a gesture of support for our boys out there on the field, we make all of our smoothies with at least five different types of fruit, because football matches can sometimes be played in a five-a-side format. Football. It's just who we are.
when TIm met Daniel
football moment of the week
We were absolutely jealous when we saw that our Tim had met Daniel Sturridge, who plays football for Premier Division Squad Liverpool and the England side. He positions himself as a striker, but has been used as a wingman on many occasions. If we'd been there, we'd have told him how much we admire the consistency with which he kicks the football and the accuracy with which he does it. And we might have said 'my son'. We've heard they like that, the footballers.
innocent FOOTBALL
inside fruit towers
When we're not watching football, talking about football, or Googling 'football terminology' to use in a newsletter about football, we're playing football. Our biggest game is Drivers (people who make money for us) vs Drainers (people who spend the money we make). This week, Drainers had a shocker of a first half, going down 3-0. But football is a game of two halves and Drainers came back strongly after the interval. It wasn't quite enough though, and Drivers won 4-3. Regardless of the score, we can all agree that the real winner here is football.
and finally
we   are   football
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