19th May 2017 // issue #205
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meat-free May
how to do yourself and the planet some good
  1. eat more fruit & veg
  2. eat less meat
  3. replace all burger buns with giant tomatoes
  4. never get invited to a barbecue again
We’ve gone meat-free for May and, apart from a few avocado mishaps, we’re pretty chuffed with how it’s gone so far. We’ve learnt how to make a lasagne out of aubergines, rice out of a cauliflower and a splendid hat out of a butternut squash. If you’ve gone meat-free for May too, we’d love to know how you got on (and if you know any tricks for getting butternut squash out of your hair).
new innocent protein
harder, better, faster, protein-ier
Speaking of protein, have you tried these? We’ve just created a couple of brand new super smoothies, made from a tasty blend of pure fruit, coconut milk and a hefty 8g of soya protein. Available in two recipes - berry and tropical – they’ll help keep your bones strong and your muscles healthy too. While we can’t guarantee they’ll give you instant rock hard abs, thighs of steel or fill in your application form for the 2020 Olympic synchronised swimming team, they are a step in the right direction.
we won an award
and the award goes to…
We don’t normally like to go on about all the awards we’ve won (except on this page dedicated to all the awards we’ve won) but we’re really proud to say that the innocent foundation has just picked up a Better Society award for their work with Action Against Hunger. Together they’ve launched a ground-breaking project that aims to stop children dying from severe hunger all around the world by transforming access to treatment services. If you’d like to find out a bit more about all the awesome stuff they've achieved so far, you can have a read here.
the charming John Allison
drinker of the week
A couple of weeks back, a man called John Allison called our bananaphone to ask us a few questions about our drinks. One thing lead to another and we ended up on the topic of Eurovision (which we love and watch with immature enthusiasm every year). It turned out that the man we were talking to was the same John Allison who knocked Elvis out of the number one spot with this Eurovision song back in 1961 (described by Andrew Lloyd Webber as his ‘favourite ever’ entry). John has kept up the singing ever since, and now posts his covers on Youtube. It’s definitely our favourite ever entry too, John.
silly Laura
inside Fruit Towers
Laura is clumsy. She’s always falling over things, or walking into things, or dropping things on her face from a great height. Her latest collision with an inanimate object happened at a nail salon. As she was having her nails done, somebody had lowered the security shutter on the front door to about head height. Laura didn’t see it, and walked head first into it. After knocking herself clean out, and a trip to A&E, Laura is back with us as good as new. We’ve now covered her in bubble wrap and refused to let her leave the building without supervision.
and finally
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