Welcome to the innocent webnews // 1st April 2016 // issue #170
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innocent unplugged
anti-social behaviour
Life can be good sometimes. Especially when you're staring at your phone, right? We mean, who doesn't love a good six or seven hours a day, staring at a beautiful phone? Weirdly though, your brain quite likes not staring at a phone. It quite likes to be able to switch off, have a wander, recharge and reset itself. That's why we do a thing called innocent un-plugged. It's our weekend off the grid. You can watch a band, listen to a talk, sit by the campfire, put your feet up in a wood-fired hot tub or simply lie on your back and look up at those star things you've heard people talk about.

So, no phones, no tech, no interruptions. Just you, the woods and some good times. We'll see you there.
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un-plug yourself
a life less tech-y
If you can't make it to innocent un-plugged, here are a few technology-free activities you could try instead:
1. Feed the ducks. Get scared by a large swan. Run.
2. Star gaze. Cloud watch. Get caught in an unseasonal downpour. Shelter under an ancient oak tree.
3. Thumb wars. Slapsies. Knuckles. Any other hand-based sport.
4. Visit Fruit Towers for a tour (and all the free smoothies you can steal).
5. Draw a picture of a tandem bike for no particular reason.
Satsuma snail
drinker of the week
But what about people who are looking for a technology-free activity that involves carving fruit into the shape of adorable molluscs? Well, to them we say prepare your chopping boards and take inspiration from Hayley's homemade snail, which she carved out of a satsuma. Facebook who, are we right? If you've ever carved an animal (or, indeed, a member of the molluscan class Gastropoda) out of a piece of fruit then send a photo to the address on our website. No emails or tweets, please. This one's strictly snail mail only.
Melon watch
inside fruit towers
This week, while trying to spend less time staring at our computer screens and more time taking in our surroundings, we discovered a melon standing on a table on the 4th floor. We asked around, but nobody took responsibility for it. And, even more confusingly, nobody seemed at all bothered by the mysterious melon standing on a table right by their desks. More than 36 hours after we first spotted it, it's still sitting there. Who knows when it will move.
and finally
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