Welcome to the innocent webnews // 6th May 2016 // issue #175
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innocent birthday
Happy Birthday to us
Last Thursday innocent turned seventeen. Which means we're not quite old enough to celebrate with a pint but at least we can finally learn to drive our grassy vans. Seventeen is that awkward age when you start to grow up a bit and take everything more seriously. You're suddenly less embarrassed about going shopping with your mum and you start paying for your own shoes. Because you're mature. You're on the cusp of adulthood. Which is why we decided to celebrate our seventeenth birthday by creating a magical balloon forest, eating as much cake as we could get our hands on and setting our out-of-office to 'otherwise engaged'. See? All grown up.
super smoothies
bursting with good stuff
Okay, look. Our super smoothies are bursting with good stuff. Five types of good stuff, in fact. Fruit, veg, vitamins, seeds and botanicals. Why should you believe us? Because we made this animation of a hand bursting through a piece of yellow paper holding a super smoothie with a sign next to it that says 'fruit + veg + seeds + vitamins = super'. innocent – nailing subtle marketing since 1999.
Woodberry Wetlands
get down to the wetlands
"Contact with the natural world isn't a luxury... it is actually a necessity for all". These wise words were spoken by the great Sir David Attenborough last week at the opening of the Woodberry Wetlands in London. The wetlands have been closed to the public for 200 years, but are a crucial urban sanctuary for wildlife, including kingfishers, foxes, grebes, bees and dragonflies. Entry to the site is free from 1 May so, if you're in the area, be sure to grab your binoculars and pop down.
drinker of the week
We're dedicating this section to everyone who called us out for our appalling grasp of basic maths in last week's newsletter. We were wrong to say that the bank holiday was a third more weekend. It is actually 50% more weekend. Obviously. We considered saying that we were just testing you to check you were paying attention but we thought we'd go for the truth instead. Which is that we're rubbish at maths. Except when it comes to percentages of ingredients on smoothie labels. Those are in safe hands. Promise.
tea crime scene
inside fruit towers
CRIME REPORT, 09/06/16:
On Tuesday 3rd May at approximately 11:14am, an employee of innocent drinks known as Jo G was making a cup of tea on the 2nd floor. After she'd made what the victim described as a "perfect cup of tea", she left to visit the ladies lavatory. When she returned approximately 2 minutes later, the aforementioned cup of tea had vanished. she asked those in the vicinity if anybody had noticed anything untoward, but no eye witnesses coming forward. At the time of writing, the culprit is still at large and is presumed armed with a cup of tea and extremely caffeinated.
and finally
homemade hoverbike   J.K Rowling's new series   sustainable architecture
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