Welcome to the innocent webnews // 12th February 2016 // issue #163
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an alternative Valentine's Day
The greeting card overlords are conspiring yet again this Sunday to dupe us into purchasing their pink-teddy-bear-adorned wares. But we're wise to their tricks and will be shunning the traditional Valentine's Day agenda in favour of something a bit more creative. Join us, and surprise your partner by:

1. Buying them a dozen red roses. One for every time they've forgotten to do the washing up in the last two weeks.
2. Wake them up with a full Sunday roast. Anyone can make breakfast; true love is getting up at 3am and secretly honey-glazing carrots and perfecting a red wine jus.
3. Write and record a series of love songs to remind them about the most important things in their life such as the Wi-Fi password and when they're next due for a scale & polish.
4. Take them somewhere they've never been before. Like Junction 17 on the M25.
5. Don't just get them a big heart-shaped balloon or a teddy bear. Get them something they actually need. Like tupperware. Or a detailed map of Stockport.
perfectly pink
liquid love
Pink. The colour of hearts, roses and cherry Lambrini (everything you need for a classy Valentine's night in, basically). It's also the colour your face goes when your card gets declined at the end of a posh meal and you realise you spent all your money on horse & carriage rides and barbershop quartet-o-grams. Because pink is indisputably the colour of love, we've gone and made this very special 'perfectly pink' Valentine's Day smoothie. "But that smoothie's been in the shops for ages", we hear you cry. "Stop ruining it", we reply.
how to flip
flipping great
It was pancake day on Tuesday and we think it's a travesty that those flat circlets of doughy goodness aren't celebrated more often. How many foods not only demonstrate your baking prowess but also your manual dexterity? You can flambé a crêpes suzette or take the blow torch to the top of a crème brûlée and you'll get the glory, sure, but you'll also get activated smoke alarms and a written reprimand from the local council for disruptive behaviour. Pancake under the leg and back in the pan in one fluid movement - simple, effective, disproportionately impressive - job done.
two drinkers
a tale of two drinkers
Much like author Nicolas Sparks, when we unearth a good love story we like to milk it. A lady called Bekkha wrote in a while back to tell us she met a man called James after giggling at one of our smoothies in the shops. He bought it for her, they got chatting, one thing led to another and now they're bound together for the rest of their days. To be honest this happened back in 2014 so we really need a new love story to warm our cockles (and get us those all important retweets). If you've got one, email hello@innocentdrinks.co.uk with the details.
new grassy van
inside fruit towers
This week our brand new grassy van was delivered to Fruit Towers. This beauty is replacing our beloved DGV (Dancing Grassy Van), so named because it genuinely used to dance as we gave out smoothies from a hatch on the side. But the DGV has danced its last waltz, and it's time for the new grassy van to hit the road with us. We haven't got a name for it yet, but we'll definitely be asking for your help soon to come up with something to rival the names of our other grassy cars - Lambogreeni, Al Green and Grassy Noel.
and finally
perfect gift   pancake fail   interspecies love
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