7th April 2017 // issue #202
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a giant leap for juicekind
Fourteen billion years ago the universe sneezed itself into existence with a furious burst of energy. In a fraction of a second, it grew from something tinier than a single atom to something incomprehensibly ginormous, expanding into the fathomless depths of space with limitless energy. Which is great for the universe, but unrealistic for humans. Which is why we’ve created our new super juice - a tasty blend of pure, pressed fruit, boosted with vitamins that help release energy. A good way to start every day with a (much smaller but much more humanly achievable) bang. That to-do list? You’re gonna rocket.
carrot lies
The UK’s favourite vegetable-based celebration of the year cropped up again this week with the return of International Carrot Day. Aside from using it as an excuse to shamelessly plug our drinks, we also decided to do some digging and get to the root of the long-held myth that carrots help you see in the dark. This rumour was actually circulated by the Royal Air Force during WWII as a way to explain pilots’ improved performance during night air battles - they credited carrots so they could disguise the advances they’d made in radar technology. Don’t get us wrong - carrots are still good for your eyes. They just might not be the liquid night vision goggles you had in mind.
meet Julia
Sesame Street is adding a new character to its line-up – a muppet called Julia, who has autism. Julia, a four-year-old with bright orange hair, a pink dress and a toy rabbit called Fluffster will be introduced next Tuesday as part of an initiative called “Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in all Children”. Sesame Workshop said it consulted with more than 250 organisations and experts over a five-year period ahead of unveiling the character, and employed puppeteer Stacey Gordon to play Julia, whose thirteen-year-old son also has autism. Definitely an excuse to stay at home and watch a bit of children’s telly if ever we heard one.
drinker of the week
Meet fifteen-year-old African grey parrot, Will. Last year, Will was feeling a bit under the weather so the vet gave him some special medicine to perk him up. However, he didn’t like the taste and his owners were really worried because his condition started deteriorating. One day, they tried mixing the medicine with our apple & raspberry juice to see if that would help. It did. Will is now happily drinking his medicine and on the road to a full recovery. Which made us think - where there’s a Will, there’s a way. And a bottle of our juice.
inside Fruit Towers
You think you know your colleagues. You say hi to them in the morning. You chat about the weather or the latest plot twist in a popular BBC drama. Maybe you talk about something a bit more personal and, over time, you really get to know them. But, on the whole, they don’t often surprise you. Then, one day, you find out they spend their time outside of work carving miniature fruit sculptures for their pets. Like our Paul, who makes intricate edible scenes out of fruit & veg for his two tortoises, Gary and Alan . Who have their own Facebook pages. You never really know someone, do you?
and finally
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