Welcome to the innocent webnews // 26th February 2016 // issue #165
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humble pie
humble pie chart
Last Sunday marked international Be Humble day, a day with no clear origin because the person behind it was too humble to take the credit. We've decided to get into the spirit of the day, which is why we won't be mentioning the delicious drinks we make. We mean, they're truly refreshing while also being packed full of good stuff but it was a team effort, and we couldn't have done it without a really strong group of people behind us. The fruit is the real hero. Quite easy really, this being humble business.
sow and grow
When we were little, we didn't like being told to eat our greens. However, research has shown that kids are much more likely to enjoy eating veg, and carry on with healthy eating habits for the rest of their lives, if they've had a go at growing it themselves. To encourage kids to get growing, we've teamed up with GIY to give away free growing packs. To apply for one, your child's teacher can register via the Sow & Grow website here.
written in the stars
It's the Oscars on Sunday. Here are our predictions:

1. It will be broadcast on television.
2. 69% of winners "just didn't expect this".
3. One attendee's outfit will be worth more than a family home in Dorset.
4. Someone will sing at some point.
5. If you're watching it with someone else they'll say "I had a feeling they would win it" despite what they said half an hour before.

Reckon they'll come true? Read the full list here.
leap year
lords are leaplings
A quick shout out to all the leaplings in the world who were born on 29 February and haven't had a real birthday in four years. Treat yourselves to four slices of cake to celebrate. And may all your Amazon gift cards be worth forty pounds instead of ten. You've earned it.
drinker of the week
A little boy came to visit Fruit Towers recently. This is the poem he wrote about his experience:
innocent poem
He'll remember that day forever.
MK shopping centre
inside fruit towers
This week Gareth had a dream that he crashed Noah's ark into Milton Keynes shopping centre. That's all he can remember. No context – where did he stumble across Noah's ark? No motive - why did he commandeer it for himself? No thought process – why did he decide to steer it to Milton Keynes? And how did he manage to plough it into the shopping centre, despite there being no water in the centre of Milton Keynes? There are so many questions that we'll never have the answers to. Here's hoping that Gareth has some more thorough biblical dreams in the near future.
and finally
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