Welcome to the innocent webnews // 1st July 2016 // issue #183
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the smoothie of tennis
We had to write this newsletter before Wimbledon got into full swing, so we don't really know what's been going on. In a test of our predictive powers, we've decided to guess what we think might have gone down:

1. Andy Murray's tennis skills and smiling capabilities have come under close scrutiny.
2. The papers have told us how many tennis courts could be filled by the amount of strawberries and champagne people have consumed/quaffed.
3. Pippa Middleton has been spotted in the crowd and her face has appeared on screen as much as the tennis.
4. Sue Barker and Greg Rusedski are around and saying things.
5. People have drunk our strawberries & bananas smoothies non-stop because we've added 25% more strawberries to the recipe to ensure they go perfectly with the tennis.

Reckon we've nailed it.
free the bees
As you probably know, bees haven't been having a very good time of it lately. To give them a helping hand, Queen Mary University has kicked off the London Pollinator Project and released thousands of bees, equipped with tiny licence plates, into the sky to find out exactly where urban bees fly. The idea is to encourage anyone with a garden, roof terrace, balcony or even a window-sill to plant bee-friendly stuff, and prizes of £100 will be given for the best bee-on-a-flower photo. You can find out what the best bee-friendly plants are here, so study it closely and get beesy (sorry).
fancy a job?
We've got a few jobs that need doing. If you think you could do them, apply here. That's all we need to say, but recruitment is a complicated business full of professional-sounding words so we thought we better add a bit more. Basically, we're looking to inject new lifeblood into the organisation. There's no 'i' in 'team' and we need people who are thirsty for opportunities, use their initiative and enjoy working to tight deadlines. Looking to move laterally into a new trajectory of your career? Then apply here and we'll be in touch to ask you a few personal questions in a formal environment.
Congrats Eva
drinker of the week
When you're organising a wedding, there are lots of things to consider. Where you're going to have it, who you're going to invite, how many butterflies you're going to release at the reception, if the person you're marrying likes cats and, if not, whether to call the whole thing off. Another really important bit is deciding which drink you're going to use to toast your new marital status, so we were chuffed to hear that Eva's very first drink as a married woman was an innocent super smoothie. Excellent choice, Eva. Careful of the dress.
inside fruit towers
Avocados. Elegant, delicious and always questionably ripe. They're the latest addition to the Fruit Towers fruit bowl and we're all pretty happy about it. At the start of the week we sneak them upstairs and stash them in our desk drawers. And then we wait. And wait some more. And then on Tuesday we poke them hopefully. And then we put them back. When Friday rolls around, we realise we've forgotten all about the avocados and open them up. All that's left is slightly brown mush. We've learnt a valuable lesson this week – good things come to those who don't forget about the avocados in their desk drawer.
and finally
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