Welcome to the innocent webnews // 29th January 2016 // issue #161
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how to cheat time
Life is precious. Each one of us has an ever-dwindling stock of seconds left on this fine planet and we need to make the most of them. Live life to the full. Save valuable minutes each year by doing the washing-up in the shower and liquefying BLT's to effectively streamline the chewing process. Dispense with pointless pleasantries and never use a long word where a short one will do (or simply grunt for optimal linguistic efficiency). Oh, and spend 17% less of your morning answering emails and/or refreshing Facebook by utilising your commute to read digital newsletters from your favourite fruit-based drinks companies. Time cheating at its very finest.
seasonal stuff
'tis the season
…to eat in season. Here's why:
1. It's good for you. Foods typically have a higher nutritional value when they're in season; some studies have even shown that crops can have up to three times more nutrients.
2. It's better for local farmers.
3. It's better for the planet. Seasonal and local foods will travel much shorter distances (and therefore reduce emissions).
Besides all that, it's weird to eat strawberries when it's cold out. So, we've put together some handy guides so you can easily find out what's in each month. You can find them all over on Pinterest here.
win YesTo
record-breaking wind
According to weather experts, 2015 was a particularly windy year. Bad news if you were trying out a new hairstyle, but good news if you're a fan of greener, more renewable energy sources. That's because last year Denmark managed to generate an impressive 42% of its electricity from wind turbines, the highest amount for any country worldwide. And we're not doing too shabbily ourselves. Here in the UK, we produced 11% of our electricity from wind power in 2015, our highest ever. Judging by the number of abandoned umbrella carcasses in our reception area this week, improving on that in 2016 should be…ahem…a breeze.
drinker of the week
We received the following message from Kathy on Twitter this week:
Kathy B's thoughts
This idea has now officially been integrated into our social media strategy for 2016. Beavers. We don't know why we didn't think of it before. Fourteen shares in the bag.
casseroles vs stews
inside fruit towers
This week a few of us discussed how much we enjoy stews and casseroles. It was all harmonious until somebody asked what the difference between a stew and a casserole is. "It's all about viscosity," someone said. "Casseroles are thicker." "I don't know about that," said somebody else, "my casseroles are quite thin – almost gravy-like." Everybody had an opinion. People were getting angry. Friendships were tested. So we decided to Google it. Turns out, stews are generally cooked on a hob, while casseroles are baked in the oven. Join us next week when we debate the difference between a shed and a house.
and finally
why cats meow   mini snowmen   paper London
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