Welcome to the innocent webnews // 11th March 2016 // issue #167
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innocent polls
polls for thought
What is life without the big questions? As Gandhi once said, "the power to question is the basis of all human progress." So, in the spirit of great thinkers and philosophers from throughout the ages we've been running some polls over on Twitter. And we're only asking the questions that desperately need answering such as 'are essential oils really essential?' and 'are ladybirds birds or ladies or something else entirely?' The results are in, and it's truly enough to make you question everything you thought you knew. Up next week: daddy long legs'. What are they? Why are they here? Are they fathers? The results will blow your mind.
pens for women
stuff for women
It was International Women's Day on Tuesday. So, for all you lovely ladies out there reading this on your husbands' computers, we've found some great products especially for you. Ever needed a boost after lunging to an exercise DVD? Try a spot of lady protein (not enough to get actual muscles, mind). Jumped at a loud noise lately? Here are some earplugs made especially for your delicate feminine ear canals. Oh, and if you need something to write down your list of favourite shoes and eye shadow brands then this lady friendly BIC is just the tool you need. Bless your hearts.
Canopy and stars
weekend away
Want to win a three night stay in a wooden cabin on a sun-dappled lake in Essex, courtesy of our friends at Canopy & Stars? 'Course you do. You'd be mad not to. Head here to enter our competition and very soon you could be sunning yourself/sitting outside with a thick jacket aboard a relaxing raft with your own private hot tub. Fancy.
Eduardo and the van
drinker of the week
A few weeks back we mentioned that we'd gone and treated ourselves to a top-of-the-range, shiny (well, astroturfy) new smoothie van. And we're really rather chuffed with it. This week a lovely man called Eduardo wrote in to tell us that he'd travelled all the way from Brazil to visit his daughter in Manchester and had spotted said new van and deemed it worthy of being in the background of his photo. Cheers, Eduardo. We hope to see our van gracing the background of many people's photos in the years to come. Maybe even the foreground one day. We can dream.
Greg in shorts
inside fruit towers
Here at innocent we pride ourselves on our relaxed dress code. Want to wear a suit? Good for you. Want to wear a tie-dyed t-shirt? It's a little on the 90s side, but still just about acceptable. Greg really pushed the dress code envelope this week when he turned up in shorts and flip-flops. When we asked him what he was playing at, he told us he'd just been on holiday to Cuba and was "clinging onto the holiday vibe." And you've got to respect that kind of optimistic attitude. So go forth, Greg. Dress for the weather you want, not the weather you've got.
and finally
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