but happy days are here again/ 24th March 2017 // issue #201
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the times they are a-changing
Da nah nah de nah nah ner ner, da nah nah de nah nah ner ner, da nah nah de nah nah ner ner, da nah nah de nah nah ner ner ni ni. In case it wasn’t obvious, that was a written expression of the piano melody at the beginning of the song 'Clocks' by Coldplay. We put it there to remind you that your clocks will be going forward this Sunday so if you want to be on time for work/gardening/sitting around in your pyjamas watching the Hollyoaks omnibus if that’s still going, then you might want to consider changing them. We also put it there so you’d have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day like we do. You’re welcome.
Earth Hour
happy days
There are lots of things we’d struggle to live without. Tea, Werther’s Originals, a stable Wi-Fi connection. But none of them are quite as essential to our survival as water and the Earth, which is why we’ve been celebrating both of them this week with Earth Hour on Saturday and World Water Day on Wednesday. Feel free to acknowledge each event separately but we’re going to kill two birds with one stone by taking a five-minute shower in the dark with a friend. But that’s just us.
the Big Knit
knit it real good
The Big Knit. You guys know the deal. You send in tiny hats, we put them on our bottles, and 25p from each smoothie sold goes to Age UK. The hats have been coming in thick and fast, but we just need a few more to reach our target. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Wool & the Gang to create a little film that teaches you exactly how to knit a smoothie-sized hat. We’ve extended the deadline until the 31 July, so there’s lots of time to put your new wool-based skills to the test.
new look smoothies
drinker of the week
Recently, we gave our kids smoothie packaging a bit of a makeover. While the new look has been a hit with most little ones, a lady called Jo got in touch to say that her autistic son, Zac, was struggling to adjust. This was a big problem as our drinks had been the main source of fruit & veg in his diet. We wanted to help Jo and Zac, so we put our heads together and created a little pop-up book to explain things to him in an interactive way. Jo got back to us to say that Zac loved the book, and was happily drinking our smoothies again. Absolute music to our ears. If you’d like to print off your own copy of the book, you can find the pdf here.
Shona McCallin
inside Fruit Towers
It’s not often we have an MBE in the office. It’s also not often we have an Olympic hockey champion in the office. So it was wonderfully unusual to have Shona McCallin, MBE join us this week to see what we do around here and let us touch the Olympic gold medal she picked up in Rio. Shona took the time to tell us what it takes to become a professional hockey player (a lot of hard work, basically) and how it feels to become an Olympic champion (pretty magical, basically). Shona left us feeling inspired and in awe of everything she’s achieved. Thanks for popping by, Shona.
and finally
chicken jumpers   Watering can’t? Watering can.   jobs for dogs
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