Welcome to the innocent webnews // 11th November 2016 // issue #193
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super smoothies
laugh in the face of winter
Have you heard the news? Apparently it's November and Christmas is only two paydays away. While the arrival of winter means good things like advent calendar chocolates for breakfast and mince pies as a side dish to every cup of tea, it also means colder weather, darker mornings and at least a 68% higher chance of getting sneezed on during your commute. If you're looking for something to help you through the season unscathed, you could always try picking up one of our super smoothies. Available in four tasty recipes, they contain two portions of fruit and are fortified with added vitamins. Winter doesn't stand a chance.
Paris agreement
good thing happening
We were chuffed with the news that the Paris Agreement to combat climate change by limiting global warming to 2°C had been made international law. At innocent, we've always tried our best to leave things better than we find them, and that includes doing our bit for climate change by reducing our carbon footprint, helping our farmers to adapt to climate change and innovating to reduce future emissions. We know we're not perfect, but we'll keep working to make progress as long as our company exists, and do everything we can to make the 2°C limit a reality.
good news part II
In an unprecedented good news double whammy, it has been announced that the Antarctic Ross Sea will become the world's largest protected marine area. This will see around 600,000 square miles gain protection from commercial fishing for the next thirty-five years. While the Ross Sea only comprises 2% of the Southern Ocean, it is home to 38% of the world's Adelie penguins, 30% of the world's Antarctic petrels and around 6% of the world's population of Antarctic minke whales. Get Attenborough down there, pronto.
drinker of the week
This is Tristan. His friend Laura asked us to give him a shout out because he's turning 31 on Sunday and claims that our smoothies have kept him alive for most of those years. Well, what she actually said was, “Smoothies were the only thing he could ‘eat’ at University and not have to wash up. He was pretty dirty”. We can get on board with that. Happy 31st birthday, Tristan. May our smoothies sustain your dish-shirking lifestyle for many years to come.
Alfie the puppy
inside fruit towers
Jane brought her puppy Alfie into work on Wednesday, and we went through the 4 classic stages of having a puppy in the office:
1. SURPRISE. See the puppy. Scream. Run excitedly towards the puppy.
2. JOY. Stroke the puppy. Imagine how wonderful life would be if it was your puppy.
3. FEAR. Realise the puppy will have to leave soon. Struggle to remember what your life was like before the puppy was in it.
4. GRATITUDE. The puppy leaves. You take comfort in the old saying – better to have loved a puppy and lost a puppy than never to have loved a puppy at all.
and finally
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