Welcome to the innocent webnews // 5th August 2016 // issue #186
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Olympic smoothies
it's mainly just throwing and catching
We're the official smoothie and juice of the Olympics. That means we're now the certified experts on all the sport stuff they do in the Olympic tournament, taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with 207 nations competing across 28 different events, all of which are completely legitimate sports (especially the one where the horse dances). Here are our predictions:

1. A gymnast won't put their arms up at the end of their performance and you'll know something went horribly wrong.
2. Two out of three people on the podium will be perfecting their 'I'm just grateful for the opportunity' smile.
3. People will run around and pick up heavy things and be awarded precious metals based on their ability to run around and pick up heavy things.
4. You'll see muscles in places you didn't think human beings could develop muscles.
5. There'll be a lot of waving.
fairtrade bananas
this film is bananas
Whether you love them or hate them, bananas are the unsung heroes of the smoothie-making game. We've been adding bananas into our smoothies since 1999, and we get through absolutely loads of them every year. To protect the farmers and the local environment where they're grown, we only use bananas from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. We've made a short video about why we think it's really important for the planet, and you can take a look here.
Tania's drawing
drinker of the week
Ah, to be a student again. Essays, Jeremy Kyle, oven chips, repeat. With a schedule that packed it can be tricky to find time to get good stuff into your body. That's why we've got our very own band of University Angels, who hand out our drinks to other students when they look like they might need a fruit-based pick-me-up. One of our Angels, Tom, was going about his business when he was given this drawing by a lovely student called Tania for chucking a smoothie her way when she needed it most. All nighter in the library we're guessing. Definitely.
Sarah and Jedward
inside fruit towers
A while ago Jedward got in touch to tell us how much they enjoy our coconut water. Celebrity endorsements of our drinks don't come along every day, so we decided to immortalise the moment by drawing this picture and hanging it on the wall next to Sarah's desk in Fruit Towers. Sarah really loves the picture and is very happy to be so close to it for so many hours every day. All we need now is for Jedward to come and have their photo taken next to it. So Jed, or Ward, if you're reading this – pop round and see it anytime.
and finally
cat burglar   bravo Tesco   moon expenses
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