Welcome to the innocent webnews // 24th February 2017 // issue #199
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down to show business
The Oscars. The night we find out we have very strong opinions about films we've never seen and are temporarily dazzled by the levels of whiteness human teeth can achieve. It's coming up this Sunday, so here are a few of our predictions for how it might go:

1. If you're watching it with someone else they'll say "I had a feeling that one would win" despite what they said half an hour before.

2. Even though he wasn't nominated, Leonardo di Caprio will win another Oscar for just taking part.

3. You'll spend 50% of the time trying to remember where you know that actor from. You'll later realise it's from a dodgy romcom you saw once and you just didn't recognise their serious acting face.

4. Women will wear dresses. Men will wear suits. Lady Gaga will wear an abstract piece made entirely from live tarantulas.

5. The whole thing will go on for a bit too long. You might go to bed before the end or turn over to watch the news.
innocent Big Knit
sit & knit
Loads of you have been dusting off your knitting needles and making small (but perfectly formed) hats to sit atop our smoothies for the Big Knit. This year we're hoping to put more hats on our bottles than ever before, so we've extended the deadline until 31 July. We'll also be heading to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Kensington Olympia from 2- 5 March where we'll have some simple patterns for you to try, as well as a spot to drop off any hats you've knitted at home. We hope to see you there.
tough dates
tough dates
Usually when people decide to treat themselves to a new gadget, they get a new phone or the latest state of the art blender. Recently, we decided to really push the boat out and get ourselves a new high tech tool that etches our best before dates onto the sides of our bottles. However, a few people got in touch to say that they couldn't see them very well, so we listened and made them a bit darker so they would be a lot easier to read. We hope that stamps out the problem but do let us know if you spot any more.
drinker of the week
This lovely lady here is Emma. Three brilliant facts about Emma - she loves our drinks, she's got excellent taste in nail polish and she recently turned 100 years old. One of the delivery drivers who comes to Fruit Towers usually takes a few drinks from our fridge to pass on to her, but, when we found out it was her birthday, we sent over a bit more of what she likes. We hope they were the perfect accompaniment to your letter from the Queen, Emma (and that 100 candles weren't too tough to blow out).
our Arzu
inside Fruit Towers
It's Pancake Day next Tuesday. And nobody knows that more than Arzu, because on Monday 6th February, her husband told her that the next day was Pancake Day. In Arzu's words, "As I naively trust my husband's knowledge of such things, I didn't bother to check the date. He prepared the batter the night before and we were organised. Then I told my teammates the next day about our Pancake Day plans, and they had to break it to me that I was two weeks early. As the batter was ready and my kids were really looking forward to it, we just decided to celebrate it anyway. It's a new family tradition."
and finally
under the sea   paper music   good with fruit
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