Welcome to the innocent webnews // 20th May 2016 // issue #177
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gorgeous greens smoothie
drink your greens
We've made a new drink. It's called gorgeous greens and we reckon you'll like it. Only thing is, it's got veg in it. And we've heard from a few people that they don't fancy drinking veg because they think it might taste rubbish. So, instead of telling the non-believers that it's delicious until we're green in the face, we thought it'd be more productive to go out onto the streets of London armed with a few bottles and let the recipe speak for itself. The results? Fifteen fully-fledged green smoothie converts. Turns out apple, pear, spinach, kale and baobab is a crowd pleaser after all.
Guardian sustainable awards
win your greens
You shouldn't really brag about awards you've been nominated for. If film stars have taught us anything, it's that you're supposed to say things like, "I'm just in shock right now," and "this is so unexpected". But as a business we've always wanted to leave things a bit better than we found them, so we're going to put our modesty aside and proudly announce that we've been nominated for a Guardian Sustainable Business Award for a project we've been working on to reduce the amount of water used to grow our strawberries in Spain. This little film explains what we've been up to.
another green thing
You might have noticed that this week's news has a green theme. Or, if you didn't, this is where you smile knowingly and pretend you did. Either way, the last bit of green news on the agenda is a brilliant project by The Woodland Trust which aims to plant a tree for each of the 64 million people in Britain over the next ten years. This will see popular varieties such as ash and elm, which have been damaged by pests and disease in recent years, make their way back into our woodlands. That's a lot of greenery to get excited about.
recycled smoothies
drinker of the week
No green news would be complete without an ingenious recycling story, and, thanks to a man called Belén, we've got just the thing. Belén is currently growing a few seedlings in a line-up of our empty bottles, and, judging by the picture, they're all sprouting nicely. As well as a makeshift garden, he mentioned that he had created "a special system to water the plants", which we can only assume means putting water into one of the bottles and tipping it onto the plants. We could be wrong, though. We've never had the greenest fingers.
fresh air light
inside fruit towers
As the old saying goes, 'green stuff is for life, not just for colour-related newsletter shoehorns.' When we moved into Fruit Towers, we installed some nifty features to make the building as green as possible. Like the lever you pull if you're the last person to leave at night, which turns off all of the lights and computer monitors. And the little bins on each floor that collect food waste for the compost. And the little green light that tells us when it's time to shut off the air con and open the windows. Green stuff. It's everywhere.
and finally
recycled manholes   eating in season   the green test
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