11th August 2017 // issue #211
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a warning for grown-ups
We apologise for kicking things off on a serious note, but something slightly worrying has been brought to our attention. Lately, a number of photos have cropped up on social media that are in flagrant disregard of the instructions printed on our packaging. Although our cartons are clearly labelled 'just for kids', a number of fully-fledged adult humans have been spotted drinking them. Why? In an attempt to regress into a childlike state to justify eating chicken nuggets and spaghetti hoops for tea? Because they feel like giants holding the tiny cartons? Whatever the reason, if we spot any more we will not be taking it lightly. On the contrary, we will be subjecting the offenders to a free adult smoothie so they can find out exactly what they're missing. That'll teach 'em.
innocent bubbles
lovely bubbly
It's a well documented fact that the best things in life have a bit of sparkle. Unicorns, disco balls. Your cat's eyes, across a crowded room. And now innocent bubbles - a lightly sparkling blend of pure fruit juice, spring water and absolutely nothing else. Unless you count the bubbles (which would take ages so probably not worth the bother). They're also 1 of your 5-a-day, contain no added sugar and have been scientifically proven to be more refreshing than licking a watermelon flavoured ice sculpture. Lovely bubbly.
Mayor's fund for london
less light lunches
The school summer holidays are in full swing, which means kids everywhere have been taking to the streets for a quick game of hopscotch and hoop rolling. But, for some, the holidays aren't so fun as they mean an end to the healthy, filling free lunches they receive while they're at school. Feeding children during the summer can hit some families hard financially, which is why we're working with the Mayor�s Fund for London to help feed 50,000 children. You can watch a little film they made all about it here.
Young People Matter
drinkers of the week
Speaking of ways to pass the time during the holidays, last week a whole group of kids popped into Fruit Towers to make a few smoothies. They were a lovely lot from the Young People Matter charity who run all sorts of clubs and activities for kids who might be at a loose end over the holidays, and try to encourage healthy eating where they can. The kids got to try out our different recipes, have a go at inventing their own and, most importantly, look like proper scientists in their lab coats. Smoothie blending experts in the making.
Congrats Jamie
inside Fruit Towers
Jamie got married a couple of weeks ago. The wedding day went perfectly to plan � it didn't rain, everybody made it to the church on time, and the best man's speech was revealing but not too revealing. The honeymoon was going pretty well too, until Jamie's wedding ring fell right off his finger and slipped through a gap in the wooden floor. An hour and several ripped up floorboards later, the ring was returned safe and sound. And Jamie already has a story to tell the grandkids.
and finally
George visits a very dull film no monster zone
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