Welcome to the innocent webnews // 21st April 2017 // issue #203
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run, stranger, run
There are lots of good ways to spend a Sunday. While we generally opt for a lie in followed by a potter round the garden and a nap on the sofa, a surprising number of people are choosing to run around London for five hours instead. If you're one of the them, good luck. We're sure you'll run with the grace of a young impala (even if you do find yourself walking like a crab for a few days afterwards). For everyone else – you can print off a sign to cheer the runners on from the side-lines here.
Earth Day
Earth Day
Our planet's not invincible. In fact, it's struggling to cope with the billions of people who now rely on its limited resources. That's why events like tomorrow's Earth Day are so important. The purpose of Earth Day is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement around the world. This year, the campaign is all about environmental & climate literacy with the aim of empowering everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defence of environmental protection. You can find out more and get involved here.
90 things
Happy Birthday, Liz
There are lots of things to love about the Queen. 91, in fact. Which is a pretty lucky considering today also happens to be her 91st birthday. You can read the full list of her admirable qualities here but these are our personal highlights:

5. She always dresses like she's ready to crash a wedding
16. She's great at opening bridges
32. She has an excellent grumpy face
65. She stops people eating swans
new look smoothies
drinker of the week
A tiny hamster eating a tiny piece of pizza. A tiny dog wearing a tiny pair of socks. It makes us happy when tiny things meet other tiny things, which is why we let out a tiny squeal when we saw this photo of our Greg's tiny baby Fergus encased in a pile of tiny hats. Greg's wife Jenny and his mum Moot have knitted over 200 hats for the Big Knit, which will find their way onto the tops of our smoothies later in the year. If you fancy knitting us a few hats (and taking photos of your own tiny children/pets alongside them) you've still got until the 31 July to send them in.
inside Fruit Towers
A huge swan has appeared on the canal outside the office. And we're not talking about a "hey, isn't that swan a bit big?" kind of swan. We're talking about a "EVERYBODY STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING AND TAKE A LOOK AT THAT MASSIVE SWAN OUT THERE" kind of swan. We're not sure what to call it yet – suggestions so far are Swan Bon Jovi, Ron Swanson, Swan Lennon and of course, Swanny McSwanface. If you think you've got a better name for our new aquatic friend, drop us a tweet and help us name our swan.
and finally
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