Welcome to the innocent webnews // 28th October 2016 // issue #192
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house prices
modern day horror stories
It’s Halloween on Monday, so we'll be celebrating the proper way by turning all the lights off and refusing to answer the door until Wednesday. If you're getting into the Halloween spirit this weekend, here are a few properly scary tales to get you in the mood:

1. How little of your student loan you've paid off
2. A stranger sneezing on you on the bus
3. Forgetting to bring a carrier bag to the supermarket
4. Being told the Gastro pub has run out of halloumi
5. Showing someone a photo on your phone and them scrolling through the rest of them without asking
pumpkin smoothie
the seasonal cross-sell
Everyone loves a pumpkin. You can carve them, you can put them in soup, you can...carve them. Loads of stuff. Oh, and you can put them into drinks, which is exactly what we decided to do when we made our Recharge super smoothie. If you ask us, it's the perfect drink to have with your Halloween family dinner after sitting under the Halloween tree opening Halloween presents and singing Halloween songs around the piano. Marketing's all about selling the dream, they said. Spookily accurate.
a brief history of time
The clocks are going back this Sunday, and we've overheard a bit of discussion around the office over whether that means we're losing or gaining an hour. To help with the confusion, we've come up with an easy way to remember which is which. When the clocks go back, they are going backwards, not forwards. Think of moonwalking or reversing a car out of the drive. When they're going forwards, that means forwards like walking and driving in the direction you're facing, not the other way. Hope that helps clear things up.
drinker of the week
We really appreciate it when you lot tell us what you think of the stuff we make. Your comments have led us to new ingredients, banana-less recipes and the knowledge that we probably shouldn’t make a smoothie with Marmite. This week, we got a tweet from Tom letting us know that he didn’t like our beetroot juice because it tastes of beetroot. So, we’re thinking about adding a bit more orange to it. Maybe even taking out the beetroot altogether, just to be safe. Should probably call it something that reflects the new taste profile, though. Like, say, orange juice. Tom – our new beetroot juice, just for you. You’re welcome.
our Jay
inside fruit towers
Jay made a few enemies in the office last week. As a trusted member of our finance department, he was put in charge of his desk’s EuroMillions syndicate. 9 people each put in £5 in the hope of scooping the £153m jackpot. The morning after the draw, Jay checked the numbers, and discovered that they’d won £2400 between them, giving them £267 each. After excitedly sending round an email, Jay checked the numbers one more time, and realised to his horror that he’d miscalculated. They’d actually only won £2.40, which works out at about 26p each. Jay is currently looking for a new desk.
and finally
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