22nd September 2017 // issue #214
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The Big Knit
we wool, we wool, be in shops soon
We asked you lot to knit us some little hats. And you did. Quite a lot of them. Nearly two million, if our last count is right (we ran out of fingers pretty quickly). We popped those hats on our smoothies and, from the 1st October, they'll be available to buy in all good drinks-selling shops. For every behatted smoothie sold, 25p will go straight to Age UK to help pay for social activities at local centres which help tackle loneliness in later life. If you've ever knitted a hat or bought a smoothie, thank you for being part of the Big Knit. You�re wool in a million.
curry for a change
spice up your month
This October, charity campaign Curry for Change is aiming to raise �10,000 to help families in Africa & Asia fight hunger. To give them a hand, all you need to do is host your own curry night and make the food tasty enough that your guests are willing to donate what they would normally spend on a takeaway. To make sure your menu hits the mark, you can sign up for a free curry spice kit here. Every donation made during Curry for Change month will be doubled by Natco Foods, so definitely worth banging out a bhuna or two.
Recycle Week
rinse, recycle, repeat
We want our packaging to have the lowest possible impact on the world around us. A big part of that includes using recycled or renewable materials where we can (such as a higher percentage of recycled plastic in our bottles) and making sure that our packaging itself is easy to recycle. It's national Recycle Week next week, so we thought it was worth mentioning that everything we make is fully recyclable. So, when you're done with your bottle, please chuck it in the right bin. Then it can be reincarnated as a plant pot. Or a sparkly rhinestone pencil case. Or, if it's really lucky, another bottle of juice.
drinker of the week
Things people don't need to be able to do anymore because their phones do it for them: map reading, telling the time, speling. Another downside of being able to stay connected wherever you are is that postcard writing is fast becoming a lost art. We haven't received one in a while, which is why we were chuffed when this homemade beauty landed on our doormat. Chai had made it out of a photo he took of himself wearing a pair of innocent socks next to a couple of empty juice bottles he'd just drank. Much better than a collage of beach shots from Majorca any day.
The Natalyes
inside Fruit Towers
It's a small world, isn't it? At least it was for Natalye W this week. She thought she was the only person in the world to spell her name with a 'y', until a new Natalye W joined us this week. Intrigued by this development, Natalye W 1 asked Natalye W 2 where she got her unusual spelling from, and it turns out that back in the day their dads were work colleagues in Cornwall, and NW2's dad liked NW1's name so much, he asked if he could pinch it for his own daughter. And now, by pure coincidence, they both work at innocent. Funny old world, eh?
and finally
tree of codes dog with a job communter cats