Welcome to the innocent webnews // 10th February 2017 // issue #198
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Valentine's Day
Valentine's dinner for two
Valentine's Day. You either love it, hate it, really hate it, or don't mind it and think it's okay. But, we bet you're tired of going out for a meal on Valentine's Day evening and finding that everything costs twice as much, right? Your loved one is worth standard restaurant prices, but your affection for them doesn't quite extend to that slight bit of extra inflation, right? Well, the innocent cut-out-and-keep romantic dinner for two has everything you need for the perfect evening, for free. Simply print out all the elements above and assemble using the romantic stands provided. Instant butterflies (not included).
innocent fairtrade bananas
the mighty jungle
2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is a brilliant non-profit organization which supports the rights and well-being of farm workers, as well as local wildlife and the environment. We've been proudly using Rainforest Alliance bananas in our smoothies for 10 years now. Here's a little film we made about our bananas, so if you have a minute and 9 seconds to spare then give it a watch.
the mighty Charles Eugster
Nine years ago, retired dentist Charles Eugster's body was starting to wind down. He decided he wasn't having that so, at the age of 87, he joined a bodybuilding club and hired a former Mr Universe as his coach. However, he wasn't keen on his newly developed washboard abs, saying they "looked a bit silly on someone my age", so he focused on running and swimming instead. Today, he's the world record holder in five athletics events in the 95-plus age bracket, and before he turns 100, he wants to set the record for the indoor 60m. We wish we had half your energy, Charles. And your abs.
drinker of the week
Aimee got in touch last week because her friend is poorly in hospital at the moment and had a craving for our smoothies. Aimee, being the five-star friend that she is, wanted to know where in London she could buy a hamper of our drinks to really keep him stocked up for a few days. We said that Fruit Towers was just the place, and loaded Aimee up with a bagful of goodies to present to her friend to cheer him up. We hope the smoothies are just the ticket, Aimee, and that your friend feels better soon.
our Yann
inside Fruit Towers
We all have our quirks. Some people have a dry sense of humour. Some people create Instagram accounts for their pets. Yann, who joined us a few months ago, likes to shake people's hands. Not just the first time you meet, but every time he sees you. And not just in one-on-one situations either – if he's in a meeting with 20 people, then 20 people get a handshake. And we've got to hand it to him, although we were a bit sceptical at first, it definitely makes workplace greetings much more exciting.
and finally
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