3rd November 2017 // issue #217
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Goodbye Halloween. Hello Christmas.
Christmas countdown bingo
Now that Halloween has been and gone, it's officially okay to talk about Christmas as recognised by the British Society of Widely Acknowledged Unspoken Rules. Brace yourself for mince pies with every meal, Mariah Carey blasting out of every stereo and chocolate bars so small you accidentally inhale three without even noticing. Only 52 days to go. Plenty of time to stock up on shower gel gift sets and novelty Joey Essex calendars for your loved ones. Lucky, lucky loved ones.
remember remember the hedgehogs
It's Firework Night this Sunday and, while we will be blackening marshmallows with the best of them, we will also be keeping an eye out for hedgehogs. They often crawl into bonfires before they're lit and find themselves in a spot of bother later on. Before lighting yours, lift the whole thing up with a broom handle and shine a torch underneath. The hedgehogs will scurry back to the hedges where they belong and you can spend a guilt-free evening with your friends & family letting off large explosives in your back garden without any health & safety training.
Super smoothies
very helpful smoothies
Stuff an innocent super smoothie can help you with:
  1. getting more fruit & veg into your diet
  2. fighting tiredness & fatigue
  3. working out how to use someone else's shower
2 out of 3 ain't bad. If you fancy reaping the benefits of a smoothie boosted with 5 types of fruit & veg, flax seeds and extra vitamins, you can grab one of these tasty recipes in shops now.
drinker of the week
If you ring the number on our bottles and the front desk doesn't pick up, everyone else's phone rings. A couple of weeks back they were ringing off the hook because 10-year-old Asher had made it his mission to talk to as many innocent employees as he could. Luckily, he was an absolute pleasure and charmed everybody he got through to. He also let everyone know that he'd donated �12 to Age UK because his Grandpa had recently passed away and he'd seen our Big Knit ad and wanted to help other people's Grandpas. Naturally, we invited him in for a tour where he told us that visiting Fruit Towers was 'better than owning a luxury chocolate shop'. Asher, you are the finest 10-year-old we know. Don't ever change.
Tim's fireworks
inside Fruit Towers
Today a very special thing is happening in the office. At 5pm on Friday, Tim is hosting his annual Indoor Fireworks Display and, let us tell you, the excitement is palpable. If last year's display is anything to go by, we're all going to meet downstairs, somebody is going to put on a bit of Handel's 'Water Music' (or Katy Perry's 'Firework', depending on their mood) and Tim is going to delight us with some totally thrilling, safe-for-the-indoors and completely healthy & safety approved fireworks. We might even have some indoor sparklers, too. It's going to be wild.
and finally
marble racing quick solver romantic drinks