12th May 2017 // Big Knit special
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the innocent big knit
we need your hats
What do we want? Tiny knitted hats. When do we want them? NOW. Or by the 31st July, which is the new knitting deadline for this year's Big Knit. We asked you lot to dust off your knitting needles a while back, and you (and the slightly confused postman) have definitely delivered. We’'e been blown away by the tiny woollen beauties that have been arriving on our doorstep, but we still need a few more to reach our target of two million hats (more than we’ve ever put atop our smoothies before). So, if you’ve got any knitting momentum left in you, please send your hats to 'The Big Knit 2017, 342 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BU' by 31st July or drop them off at your local Age UK store/centre. To everyone who's already knitted – a massive thank you. You're a real purl.
thank you
why we do it
Every year, over 24,000 older people in Britain die needlessly because of the cold. We want this to stop. That's why we donate 25p to Age UK for every hat we put on one of our smoothies. This money is used to provide vulnerable older people with everything they need to keep warm along with information, advice and practical services to help them stay safe and well in the colder winter months. So far, the Big Knit has raised over £1.9 million, and, by making 2017 our biggest Big Knit ever, we hope to raise loads more for Age UK.
and finally
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