Welcome to the innocent webnews // 15th January 2015 // issue #159
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January you
January timeline
We all wish we could emerge from January as sculpted, kale-filled Pilates enthusiasts but, in reality, it usually ends up going something like this:

First week of January
Wake up naturally as the sun rises. Perform a morning yoga routine and shower thoroughly. Eat a nutritionally balanced breakfast washed down with an invigorating cup of green tea. Catch an early train to work and enjoy some small talk with the CEO before successfully managing your to-do list and getting on top of your emails.

Middle of January
Wake up five minutes after your alarm goes off. Perform seven sit-ups and call it a day. Have a quick body shower and polish off a pack of breakfast biscuits on the train. Go out for a couple of quiet drinks after work and get home at a reasonable hour. Stay up scrolling through Netflix and eating last night's leftovers. Fall asleep on the sofa.

End of January
Wake up after an hour of smashing the snooze button. No time for a shower so make do with a spritz of dry shampoo and a wet wipe. Pop into Gregg's for a couple of Steak Bakes and miss the train. Arrive at the office late and realise you aren't wearing matching shoes. Quiet drinks after work turn into tequila shots out of Brenda from HR's belly button. Wake up in a mystery location with a kebab stuck to your face.
no pants on the tube
all mouth, no trousers
Knickers. Pants. Boxers. Bloomers. Whatever your favoured undergarment, you probably wish you could show them off to hundreds of people on public transport every once in a while. Well, last Sunday loads of Londoners did just that and braved the nippy weather (and the newspaper photographer) to pull their trousers down for No Trousers on the Tube Day. It all began in New York in 2002 and has now caught on in cities around the world. If you're sad you missed it this year be sure to pop it in your calendars as a must attend for 2017. We know we have(n't).
innocent sustainability strawberry project
the more the berrier
Our strawberries love the sun. That's why we grow them in sunny places like Southern Spain. They quite like the rain too but the rain in Spain falls mainly where our strawberries aren't which means farmers in the area rely heavily on irrigation. So, for the last five years we've been working on a project to reduce the amount of water they use and it's been so successful that we're now sharing the findings with other farmers in the region. Water result. You can watch a short film that we made all about it here.
Pete we love you
drinker of the week
Pete Conway of the Surrey area. Since you tweeted us last week to say that we're 'refreshing' and your girlfriend got a bit annoyed about our instant connection, we can't get you out of our heads. We don't know much about you but we do know that you like to enter online competitions, enjoy photos of sports personalities and that you wear a coat over a jumper over a shirt better than anyone we know. We meant what we said about Paris – our bags are packed and the tickets* are booked. Ditch Gemma once and for all and make us the happiest fruit based drinks business in the world?

*coach and ferry – we're not made of money
Harry's moustache
inside fruit towers
Harry came back from the Christmas break with a moustache. Nobody knew what to make of it. Was it a fashion statement? Was it a joke? Was he secretly in a Queen tribute act in his spare time? Rather than talk about it behind his back (and in public newsletters) we asked Harry what the deal was. Turns out he's doing the Barcelona half Ironman this year, and will only shave the moustache when enough people have donated to the cause. So it might be around for a while yet. Stay tuned for Harry's Moustache Updates as they happen.
and finally
doughnut thief   let there be light   otterly adorable
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