Welcome to the innocent webnews // 2nd September 2016 // issue #188
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British Summer
summer to-do list
It's September. Summer is officially winding down. Which is weird because it feels like only yesterday that we were planning weekends filled with country walks, picnics on the seafront and tandem bike rides to the garden centre. To make sure we're making the most of the last few weeks of British summer, here are a few things to tick off before the sun goes in:

  • get legs out
  • sleep with duvet under 10 tog
  • leave house without backup jumper
  • swim in sea without wetsuit
  • lose £1 in 2p's on arcade game
  • eat more than three Twister lollies
  • leave house without backup umbrella
  • eat food anywhere without a roof
Great British Bake Off
bake it off
Nothing says British summer like a group of amateur bakers broiling bagels in a gazebo in the grounds of a stately home in Berkshire. That's why we're spending our Wednesday evenings live tweeting along to The Great British Bake Off. As it gets chillier, we like to pretend that we are making macarons in a sun-dappled marquee in a vest top, rather than sitting on the sofa with a hot water bottle roasting marshmallows over the fan heater. Watch/read along with us here and help prove that getting paid to watch telly is a viable marketing strategy.
Sustainable Strawberries
hand them downs
Spring cleans are good, but on-the-cusp-of-autumn-still-clinging-onto-summer cleans are even better. If you're having a sort out any time soon, Oxfam are asking you to keep an eye out for any bits & bobs that could be donated to a new home. The innocent foundation has been providing food support through Oxfam to help the world's hungry since 2014, and, so far, have given £335,000 towards 11 emergencies. Oxfam do brilliant work supporting millions of people affected by poverty and disaster in loads of countries all around the world, so if you've got anything you can send their way, head here to find your nearest Oxfam shop.
James' smoothie rocket
drinker of the week
James got in touch to ask if we liked a challenge. We got an answer right on University Challenge once so we said yes. Turns out, James had just finished one of our super smoothies and thought the bottle would make an excellent rocket ship. His challenge to us, should we choose to accept it, was to create one for him. We promised we would as soon as we'd started and completed our degree in aerospace engineering, which could take a few years. But James couldn't wait and took matters into his own hands. Pretty good effort, James. But then, it's hardly rocket science, is it?
it's HOT
inside fruit towers
Summer might be winding down, but it's been pretty hot lately. Some days have been REALLY hot. And we don't mean to be those annoying British people who complain about the weather being great, but it has been a bit TOO hot some days, hasn't it? The tubes and buses have been UNBEARABLE. And we've had to put sun cream on at regular intervals which has left us in a constant state of STICKINESS. But hey-ho, soon it will be TIPPING IT DOWN and the weather will be TERRIBLE again and we'll all rue the day we complained about the AMAZING WEATHER we've been having.
and finally
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