Welcome to the innocent webnews // 13th May 2016 // issue #176
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Eurovision. We got this.
The Eurovision Song Contest is on tomorrow night, and Britain is almost definitely going to win. Leicester did it in the football, why can't the rest of us do it in the singing? We're good at singing. All the great singers we can think of are from Britain. Adele, Sam Smith, Gary Barlow, David Sneddon. We're nailing the singing. The only slight issue we may run into on our path to glory is the small matter of getting enough votes. From what we've seen, that bit usually goes something like this:
Eurovision piechart
feel good bakery
good sandwiches
We're a company that tries to leave things better than we find them, so we're always on the lookout for businesses with similar values who really inspire us. Recently, we heard from the guys at Feel Good Bakery - a sandwich company that helps the local community as well as the wider world. Not only do they employ young people who are turning their backs on gang life and crime, they also donate a meal to a child who really needs it every time you buy one of their sandwiches. You can find out more about them, and the great work they do, here.
no lemon left behind
Sometimes we use lemon juice in our drinks, but, sadly, we can't use the whole lemon. Too zesty. But that doesn't mean we let it go to waste. Oh no. We give the leftover bits to people who can use them. Lemons release essential oils and essences which can be used as flavourings in food, or scents in perfume. The skins can be dried and used in teabags. The rest can be made into animal pellets and fed to cattle. So, when life gives you lemons make lemonade. And innocent drinks. And perfume. And teabags. And cow pellets. As the old saying goes.
DIY smoothies
drinker of the week
Mike got in touch this week asking for our best smoothie-making tips and, by the looks of it, he needs all the help he can get. Crushing fruit with a paint roller might seem like a good idea in theory, but the washing up afterwards is a nightmare. And that tiny hammer couldn't handle a tangerine, let alone a pineapple. Pineapple excavation requires a pneumatic drill or, failing that, a jackhammer. And a spanner? Never get a spanner involved. That's rule number one. Smoothie making might look easy, but it's a rather complicated business, really. Best leave it to the professionals.
cocktail-sipping otter
inside fruit towers
The other day, Jasper turned up on the 4th floor with a bucket of white paint. "What's that white paint for, Jasper?" somebody asked. "Going to paint the wall," Jasper answered. "Would you mind if we drew all over it first?" somebody else asked. "Sure, if you use wipeable marker pens" Jasper responded. So we asked Twitter what they wanted us to draw, and they asked for an otter drinking a cocktail, a T-Rex trying to peel a banana and Stoppit and Tidyup. "Can I paint the wall now?" Jasper asked somebody when they'd had enough of drawing stuff. "Okay then, Jasper." Somebody said, and went back to work.
and finally
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