16th June 2017 // issue #207
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Father's Day
day for dads
Dads don't usually like a fuss, but, as it's Father's Day on Sunday, we thought they deserved a mention. Without them, we'd have no idea how the cricket was scored, which plants we could put in our hanging baskets or how to fit every possession we owned into our pockets. We wouldn't have a repertoire of bad puns, a nostalgia for Radio 4 or know the answers to all the history questions at the pub quiz. So thanks dad - without you we'd be scuppered. But you're still getting a pair of socks and an Amazon gift card for Christmas. Sorry.
Footprint award
going the extra mile
To get our drinks into the hands of you lovely lot, we need to move them from one place to another. Since 2016, it's been our mission to make that process as efficient as possible so we can limit the impact we're having on the environment. To do that, we set ourselves the challenge of taking at least a million miles off the road. Over the last twelve months we've saved 1,352,000 miles and managed to bag ourselves a Footprint Award along the way. We're hoping to take even more drinks off-road in 2017 so we'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.
the Trussell Trust
food in the bank
The need for foodbanks continues to rise according to new data from The Trussel Trust, one of the organisations the innocent foundation works with. Over the past year, its Foodbank Network has provided nearly 1.2 million emergency food supplies, with 437,000 of these meals going to children. Since 2015, the foundation has supported the Trust's Holiday Meal Club project to make sure children get fed in the school holidays. Foodbanks rely heavily on the support of local communities so, if you fancy lending a hand, have a look here to find one in your area.
drinker of the week
A while back, we started chatting to someone on Twitter called ‘not_LizoMzimba'. In case you don't know, Lizo Mzimba was a journalist who presented Newsround from 1998 - 2008. The person we were chatting to claimed they were not Lizo Mzimba, so we appropriately dubbed them ‘Not Lizo'. The real Lizo Mzimba somehow came across the conversation and joined in to say that he was now confused about who he may or may not be. Which made us think - was ‘Not Lizo' actually the real Lizo all along? We'll probably never know. But we bet Lizo could get to the bottom of it.
our Katie
inside Fruit Towers
Katie joined us this week and immediately claimed that she can lick her own elbow. Of course we immediately shouted “PROVE IT.” So she did. And it was very impressive. So we'd like to invite you all now to try to lick your elbow. Whether you're on the bus, or the train, or at your desk or reading this in bed. Go for it. And if you can do it, let us know on Twitter. It will be nice for Katie to know she isn't the only person out there to possess this superpower.
and finally
The Dube   creative drumming   open house
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