Welcome to the innocent webnews // 3rd June 2016 // issue #179
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June in Britain
the natural passage of time strikes again
If you've been near a coffee machine, used a lift or sat next to a talkative stranger on the bus this week you may have heard that it's now June. You may also have heard that the recent weather is incompatible with weather that you'd expect to experience in June. You may have seen fear and confusion in people's eyes as they declared that they didn't know where the summer had gone, and that it would be Christmas again before they knew it. But our message to you, the British public, is this: don't panic. The sun will come out again. The clouds will clear and behind them will be picnics and Frisbees, bike rides, Wimbledon, barbecues, endlessly long games of cricket, pub gardens, trains delayed by sunshine on the tracks, sunbathing cats, strawberries and short shorts. Summer is coming, everyone. We can feel it.
Guardian sustainable award
we only went and won it
A couple of weeks back we told you we'd been nominated for a Guardian Sustainable Business Award for a project to reduce the amount of water used to grow our strawberries. We had our gracious loser face down to a fine art by the time we made our way to the ceremony, but, to our complete shock, we actually went and won the thing. No award is complete without an acceptance speech, so we've asked Jess, who leads our sustainability team, to say a few words. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to the after party.
curry for change
spice up your life
Britain loves a curry. Which makes sense as they are scientifically delicious. But instead of popping down the takeaway for your next Friday night fix, UK charity Find Your Feet, who the innocent foundation have been working with since 2004, are asking people to have a go at whipping up something spicy at home to raise money for hungry people around the world. All you need to do is sign up to Curry for Change here and you'll receive a free packet of Natco spices to kick the night off in style. Bring on the (unburnt) bhuna.
smoothie flip
drinker of the week
Everybody's got useless hidden talents. Ours include turning our eyelids inside out, saying the alphabet backwards and decoding Sean Paul lyrics (all at the same time if we're feeling ambitious). A couple of weeks back, we received a video of someone performing a pretty impressive trick with one of our empty smoothie bottles and thought it was a useless talent worth celebrating. Sure, it might not be one to put on the C.V but it's a pretty good way to impress a stranger in Starbucks.
lots of lycra
inside fruit towers
Last weekend about 80 of us went down to help at innocent un-plugged. Over the weekend, we gave out smoothies, put on wristbands, made sure nobody burned themselves at the campfire, gently encouraged pink-looking people to put on sun cream and voluntarily donned leotards to dance around awkwardly with Mr Motivator. If you were one of the 3,000 people who joined us, thank you for making it the best bank holiday weekend we've ever had. We videoed the whole thing so when we've worked out how to turn our computers back on, we'll be sure to share it.
and finally
legendary lego   patiently waiting   autocorrect win
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