8th September 2017 // issue #213
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Boss Dog Bruno
[insert last minute title about a dog here]
It's September. And in September, we've decided, nothing much happens. Our notepad was empty and our Excel spreadsheet of 'humorous but ultimately uplifting stories for the newsletter that are tenuously connected to those drinks we make' had run dry. We needed something to happen. Something big. Which was when this photo of Boss Dog Bruno clutching a can of innocent bubbles appeared in our Twitter feed. The hairy saviour we needed. Just look into his eyes. They're clearly saying "pick up a can of new innocent bubbles a refreshing, lightly sparkling blend of pure fruit & spring water". So, do it for him. Do it for Bruno and we promise we'll put more effort into this next week. Cheers.
new recharge
recharge: rebooted
Makeovers are a bit weird. They usually involve taking a perfectly decent face, putting loads of stuff on it and claiming it looks better at the end. But, occasionally, makeovers add a bit of magic. Recently, we channelled our inner Gok Wan and came up with a brand new recipe for our Recharge super smoothie. Now made from a blend of mandarin & carrot with a tang of ginger and fortified with extra seeds & vitamins, it's got the zesty spring back in its step. Orange is the new black. Or, in this case, orange is the new recipe colour inside some fancy black packaging. Catchy.
Bake off
cakes and content
Everyone likes to spend their evenings differently. Some people play a round of golf. Some people read scientific journals about the mating habits of ring-tailed lemurs. Personally, we like to watch cakes being made by people for whom making cakes is a very big deal. Not only that, we like to make comments about it on the internet. Which is why we'll be spending our Tuesday evenings live tweeting the Great British Bake Off. You should join us. And if you'd like to spend your evenings in much the same way, we've got a job going too. You should definitely apply. It's a piece of cake.
little Max
drinker of the week
The little guy in the photo is Max. Sadly, Max is quite poorly and has spent most of his life in and out of hospital. We sent Max a special innocent baby grow when he was born, but he wasn't big or well enough to fit into it. A lot of growing big & strong later and he is now a onesie convert. Max's mum Holly asked us to give a massive shout out to the Sick Children's Trust who have been an incredible support to her and the rest of the family. The charity rely solely on donations so, if you can spare a few pennies, have a look here.
George the lion
inside Fruit Towers
Fruit Towers is made up of five floors. The people who work here sit on those floors or, more precisely, they sit at desks on chairs on those floors. Every Monday throughout September, a different floor has been asked to prepare lunch for the whole office. Floor 3 kicked things off this week by serving up some jungle-themed grub complete with animal crackers, jelly worms and a sausage dog playing the part of Simba from The Lion King. It was all going pretty well until they decided to round it off with a surprise Bush Tucker Trial. We'll say no more about that bit. Except that the grub suddenly became a lot more literal.
and finally
ye wee beauty gangsta gardening a forest city
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