Welcome to the innocent webnews // 22nd July 2016 // issue #185
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innocent weather forecast
we're not complaining about the weather
Legs are out, Crocs are on and the weekly shop is 68% Twister lollies. Yep, the British summer has finally begun and we couldn't be clammier. Here's a list of things the UK has officially been hotter than this week:

1. Spain
2. The middle of a pre-heated oven
3. Lava
4. The sun
5. The inside of a toasted Pop Tart
6. The Earth's core
7. The pan that holds sizzling fajitas you get in restaurants
8. The shower when someone turns on a nearby tap
9. The inside of a tent any time after 7am
10. A laptop after 20 minutes

The weekend looks set to bring even more sunshine, so we're heading down to London Fields & Victoria Park on Saturday and Greenwich Park on Sunday armed with chilled coconut water to give away to parched (and slightly pink) passers-by. If you're in the area be sure to keep an eye out - we'll be the ones holding the coconut water and furiously re-applying sun cream while ducking into the shade.
the innocent foundation
the innocent foundation
One in nine people in the world are hungry. That's pretty shocking, especially when you consider that there's enough food in the world to feed everyone. We give 10% of our profits to charity each year, with most of that money going to the innocent foundation. Since 2004, the foundation has worked with lots of incredible charities and raised over £5.9m to help communities on a sustainable path to a better life, where they can escape poverty and hunger. We're very proud of everything the foundation has achieved so far, so we made a little animation about it. You can give it a watch here.
Fresh India
win yourself a cookbook
We don't like saying goodbye to great people but you know what they say – if you love something, let it hand in its notice and pursue a career outside your organisation. Meera, the lady who looked after the Big Knit a few years back, had always talked about writing a cookbook. Not only did she achieve her culinary dream, she's just released her second – a beauty of a book packed full of delicious vegetarian Indian recipes. We've got a few copies to give away so, if you fancy winning one, simply email your name & address to yesplease@innocentdrinks.co.uk and we'll pick a few out of a hat.
Holly's Grape Beard Cake
drinker of the week
A while ago, during a particularly slow day in the office, we made a raspberry beard for a grape. This week, Holly sent us a picture of a cake version her nan made for her birthday. We think we can all agree that it is the greatest cake ever baked. Colin the caterpillar, you have been dethroned. Grape work, Holly's nan. Grape work.
Jonny and Victoria
inside fruit towers
Jonny's had a busy couple of weeks. First he took some time off to get married. Then his new wife Victoria sent a tweet telling the world that she knew she loved him before she'd even met him. And now they're all over the place, on the internet, in the papers, on the radio, on the TV, and by the time this newsletter goes out, Richard Curtis will probably have made a delightful rom com about their relationship. Enjoy the fame, Jonny. But remember, we liked you before you were cool. And we'll still like you if you ever stop being cool again. Never forget that.
and finally
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